The Damage Rats Can Cause To A Home If Left Alone



Rats are most likely to be used in the science lab and experiments but when they come to your home, it’s definitely not a pleasant experience. Rats entering your space makes you uncomfortable and worried. And, without rat control, they can destroy pretty much everything left in the house.

Damages And Diseases Caused By Rats

There are a lot of damages that rats can cause in your homes other than just contaminating the food and chewing on your clothes.

First of all, the main target of the rats is to get to a safer place from where they can get access to food very easily and they do not need a specific place to live. They can literally live anywhere– either in your closet, your food storage area (their favorite place to live) or, even in your car. So, they can stay at any place and can cause harm not only to your home but to you as well. They carry harmful diseases with themselves like Hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), Tularemia, and Salmonella.

Secondly, let’s talk about some of the places and things you really need to take care of if the rats are entering your home very often. Rats do cause a lot of damage to home property and things like electrical wires such as TV cable wire, geyser, and electrical appliances, causing hefty damage. Sometimes, it can also lead to an electrical short-circuit.

Not only this but they also consume food which can lead to various infections and may even contaminate the food if not kept properly covered. But the real problem arises when they start to chew paper and sometimes even your money. Obviously, they don’t know the difference between normal paper and money. So, they also chew the money if they do not get access to food. So, keep your money in the proper place if you have rats in your home otherwise you’ll lose some bucks without even spending anything.

Their favorite place to hide away is in the closet. They’ll go into your closet and will tear or chew your favorite pair of jeans or top. Your clothes are also not safe in your empty home if you have a mouse or rat inside your home. So, always keep rat killer or rat poison in your closet if your home has a lot of rats or mice.

They also cause damage to the structure of your beautiful home because all they need is a small hole to enter from and if they get the smallest part of a hole then they will chew it and make it bigger, which obviously does not provide a very flattering look to your home.

Rats in your home become a bigger deal when they start to damage your gardens and newly planted trees by chewing them. If you have a garden where you are trying to grow different types of plants, then keep it safe from rats because they dig up and feed themselves upon newly planted crops.

Let’s Wrap Up

So, looking at all the above points it is very clear that rats alone in the home can cause a lot of destruction. So, it is not safe for you to leave the house empty at the mercy of the rats or mice. To protect your home from any such disaster caused by mice or rats you should use rat killer or poison which are available in the market. Make sure rats stay away from your food and closet. Keep the indoors and the surrounding area as clean as possible, to avoid possible attacks of these tiny, vicious creatures. Try your best to keep them away from your home to keep your space and your family healthy!

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  1. When you mentioned that rats are capable of doing extreme damage to your electrical appliances, I had remembered the new game room I set up for my son. Most of our electronic gadgets are in there and the game room itself was made out of our repurposed basement, a place that rats usually scurry around. I’ll take some extra precautions and look for any pest control services in the area that can exterminate any they find.


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