David Van Hoesen Lists The Essentials For Luxury Homes


Luxury real estate is often characterized by premium building materials and a price per square foot metric. However, highly sought-after properties are fully equipped with top-quality amenities, innovative technology, and custom aesthetics. David Van Hoesen is the President of Alpha Building and Construction and has extensive industry experience in architecture and interior design. He claims that luxury real estate varies depending on location, but now more than ever, prospective homebuyers are expanding the borders of what is now considered luxury living. He takes the time to outline his picks for high-end home essentials.

  1. Innovative Technology

Luxury Home With Digital Advancements

With today’s evolving technological landscape, it is only appropriate that a luxury home comes equipped with the latest digital advancements. Smart homes with built-in automation systems allow homeowners to control various components of a sophisticated network, which includes lighting, climate, or entertainment systems. Because all of the technology in your home is connected through one interface, individuals have the option of controlling various home functions remotely. Just make sure that you hire a qualified construction company for your entertainment designs.

Similarly, with a growing number of individuals becoming increasingly eco-conscious, smart technology allows homeowners to manage their energy consumption and maximize efficiency. Smart homes offer programmable thermostats, which suggest energy-efficient settings and auto-adjust depending on personal preferences. Ultimately, integrated technological systems offer extensive flexibility while adding a high level of comfortability.

  1. Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor entertainment has become a popular trend, and high-end luxury developments are now focusing on the benefits of an outdoor kitchen. For the backyard loving family, outside amenities are often at the top of their list when it comes to home renovations.

David Van Hoesen claims that it is an effective means to extend your living space and is ideal for entertainment purposes. If you live in a warm climate, an outdoor kitchen can be utilized all year round with minimal maintenance requirements.

  1. High-End Entertainment Rooms

High-End Entertainment Room

There is nothing new about the game and theatre rooms. Still, luxury developments have taken this trend one step further by incorporating amenities such as lavish bars, elegant furniture, and extravagant set-ups, all in a richly designed space. David claims that a way to take your entertainment room to the next level is to play with lighting and the room’s acoustics to recreate a unique theatre experience in your own home.

  1. Exercise Amenities

Luxury Exercise Amenities

With more and more health-conscious individuals, homeowners are looking to incorporate private fitness facilities into their very own space. In-home gyms offer a high level of convenience and are great for individuals who prefer to work out alone. Real fitness-savvy homeowners will take renovations up a notch by incorporating personalized tennis courts, swimming pools, saunas, bowling alleys, and golf greens!

  1. A Walk-in Closet

Luxury Walk-in Closet

A top priority for those looking to expand their wardrobe is the excess storage space a walk-in closet can provide. From racks lined with shoes to various dressers for displaying top-quality garments, homeowners can customize these personal spaces to reflect their unique tastes. Ultimately, a walk-in closet has become a luxury home must-have.

David Van Hoesen claims that luxury elements will vary amongst homeowners; however, he encourages individuals to check out the projects of Alpha Construction for further inspiration.

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