Debunking Common Myths About Owning A Garden Pond


Have you always wanted to have a pond in your garden? Perhaps you are having mixed feelings about taking the plunge. This might be because of the various wrong thoughts floating everywhere about owning a pond. Having a water feature gives your outdoors a relaxing atmosphere where to wind down after a hard day at work. To provide you with a true picture regarding owning a pond, let’s first debunk some common myths about this water feature.

Regular Draining

Floating Pond Fountain

It is not true that a pond needs frequent draining. Fresh rain turns over less dense water on top of the pond, encouraging uniform temperature. Additionally, it also encourages oxygen to reach all pond depths. Spring clean up is also necessary about once annually. Frequent draining of the pond might cause severe damage. Appropriate pond draining focuses on encouraging a balanced buildup and healthier ecosystem.

Safety Concerns

Otterbine Fountain Glow MR16 Low Voltage LED Pond Lighting

You can have pets and children to interact safely with your pond. This requires installing shelving with a 2-inch depth. Additionally, incorporate sand beach or river stone in specific areas to allow access to the water safely and easily. Let your neighbors know about your water feature to avoid accidents. Make your friends and children away about the safety requirements near the pond. Install pond LED lights to let everyone realize the pond location during the night.

UV Lights Are Better At Keeping Pond Water Clear

3/4 HP Kasco Aerating Pond Fountain

Everyone desires to have water in their pond clear. Well, sometimes this is not possible with debris and other matter that rots to make the water dirty. It is a good idea to get looking for a floating pond fountain to encourage a natural balance in your water feature. This allows aquatic life in your pond to thrive. A naturally balanced pond fitted with an aerating fountain encourages the appropriate oxygen level throughout the pond. Additionally, the aerator inhibits the growth of algae and mosquito infestation.

Three Feet Deep For Koi

Koi Pond

Not every pond should be three feet for koi fish to thrive. You can have a two feet pond for healthy and happy koi. Even at the coldest temperature, your two-foot deep pond will only freeze at about eight inches down. Installing an aerator encourages water movement to prevent chances of freezing while encouraging oxygen to reach all corners of your pond. Alternatively, you can use deicer to support ammonia escape from your water feature.

Rocks And Gravel Make Cleaning Harder

AirPro Rocking Piston Pond Aerator Kit

It is good to have gravel and rocks in your pond. These offer a natural housekeeping set up and an ideal environment for aerobic bacteria. This is essential for breaking down debris and fish waste to prevent their accumulation in your water feature. The bacteria turn waste and debris into sludge, leaving the water in your pond clear. Keeping gravel and rocks in your water feature makes it look better and healthier.

Backyard Pond Encourages Mosquitoes

Mosquito infestation in a home puts the household at risk of malaria. Fortunately, having a pond is a proactive measure to prevent mosquitoes in your home. These lay eggs on stagnant water for their larvae to hatch. Fortunately, this is a delicacy for fish in your pond. Additionally, dragonflies like ponds, where they find mosquitoes for their daily meals. An aerator on your pond encourages water movement to prevent stagnation that might promote mosquito infestation.

Can’t Keep Koi And Plants In A Pond

Koi Ponds

Pond plants are food for fish. Therefore, ensuring keeping appropriate aquatic plants in your pond offers your fish a source of food. Anaerobic bacteria at the pond bottom breaks down fish waste into nutrients for plants to thrive. This creates a natural cycle to provide fish with food. Additionally, plants give off oxygen essential for fish to thrive.

Pond Water Needs Regular Testing

Pond Water Testing

It is not true that the water in your pond requires regular testing. A well-balanced pond has its ecosystem in good condition. Testing is only for a major issue with a risk of compromising your water quality or death of your fish. There is no need to worry about water quality in your pond when you take appropriate steps to keep it well maintained and aerated. Trying to adjust the water pH and other parameters might kill your fish. These tests give different results at particular times of the day to cause confusion.

Pond Increases Home Value

Turn Your Home Into A Party Venue

Before putting your home on the market, you have to look for ways of enhancing its value. Fortunately, investing in a pond fountain is a smart idea. Homebuyers always look forward to homes with water features. A garden pond offers a relaxation spot at the end of a long day. It is also a favorite for people who usually hold home parties.


I hope this article has given you enough information to make you hit the market for your pond fountain today. This water feature curbs mosquito infestations and enhances property value when selling your home.

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