Home Décor Ideas For Thanksgiving Day 2014 – Part 1

On November 27, 2014 by Mamta

Happy Thanksgiving Day 2014

Thanksgiving is celebrated in month of November. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It is time when people plan a get together of dinner or lunch or supper with their loved ones that is family, friends and colleagues. But mostly people celebrate it as intimate occasion that is only with their family and extended family members at the most.

Thanksgiving Day Decorations 2014

Thanksgiving Day is time to enchant the visitors and the invited guests with your creativity and decorations of your home. Traditionally the decoration of the Thanksgiving Day signifies the starting of the fall season and the leaves and dry pine corns etc.

Thanksgiving Day Flowers

Traditionally people used to make decoration with the flower arrangements which have now become a passé. There are many interesting and easy to make decorations which you can do to make your home look beautiful for the festive occasion of thanking to God, nature and the people you love and the people who have been proactive for you.

Thanksgiving Decorative ideas 2014

Message Board:

Thanksgiving Day Message Board

Put a message board and cut out some leaf shaped paper. Ask people to write their greetings and messages on that leaf and decorate the message boards.

Creative Candle Holders:

Creative Candle Holders Ideas

Use repurposed candle holders for easy fall displays and let them have a unified look.

The Mantel can be decorated by making it the focal point be keeping harvest inspired theme. Display decorative plates, arrange assortment of pumpkins around, dried wheat bundle decoration.

Also mantel can be used for writing inspirational quote for the Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Also the menu of the Thanksgiving Day supper can be displayed with help of blackboard.


Wreath Decorations

Wreath at the front door with a thankful message can be good idea. You make it at home or buy it from market.

Wreath too can be used for the mantel decoration.

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