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Red is the color of passion, vitality, and even danger. So when it comes to stirring passions and adding drama to space, Red is the color to go for. The bedroom is the area of your house which needs some of that scarlet flair. So the following are some decorating styles for your bedroom in Red.

Wall Paint

Red Bedroom Home Decorating

Bedroom walls can be painted in Red. However, that does not mean that your entire room should be fiery scarlet. The color red can be combined with pastels or even green to produce a dramatic yet classy look. Similarly, highlighting a few corners of the room with Red is also the right choice. Alternatively, Red in different shades can be used in contrasting wall styles.


Red Bedroom Lighting

Painting the room is not the only way of incorporating red color in your bedroom. Clever lighting in tones of Red or even candles can also add the desired effect.


Bedroom with Red Wardrobe

Accessorize your bedroom in red to add a subtle yet definite touch. A striking painting in red or a Chinese bureau, or simply a changing screen in Red can add a definite beauty to your room. Vases with fresh and beautiful red roses are a classic and fail-proof way of achieving the same.

The Bed

Classic Modern Artistic Bedroom

Pristine white sheets can be made more welcoming by adding some red in the form of coverlets. In addition, simple satin red borders to an old boring white bed sheet can work wonders. Similarly, you can add pillowcases, blankets, and other accessories.


Modern Curtain Design

Curtains in the bedroom in Red are the best way of utilizing the color. There is no better way of making your bedroom a bit mysterious than using blood-red curtains. Orange and burgundy colors can also be used if you are looking for a less bold and more subtle look.


Bedroom Interior Design with Modern Bedroom Furniture

Although making your floor red is not a recommended idea, your flooring can be used wonderfully to highlight or balance the color in the bedroom. For example, cream or white color flooring can balance the drama created by red walls. Similarly, a lush red carpet on the floor can never go wrong and can work wonders for your bedroom.

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