Décor Tips to Plan Your Living Room

On August 25, 2014 by Mamta

Home Living Room Interior Decoration

Living room is one of the most used rooms in home and is like public space of the home. It is place where you will host your guests and family. Living room is not private but meant for all.

While decorating a living room it becomes difficult as you need to create a balance in what you want and what others might like. Though following heart is best option. Here are some cool décor tips to plan the living room:

Olive Living Room Interior Design

The seating must be such that it is double the family members living in home.

The seating height must be between 15” to 17” from floor level. The structure level should not be all low for there can be people in family and guests who have back trouble and knee trouble.

Living Room interiors

The seating must be such that it is able to create a comfortable but conversation friendly seating and a suggestion is that it must not be around television.

Lighting in the living room must not be complicated and rather flushed. You must create comfortable lighting in combination of bright lights.

Modern Living Room

The center table or the coffee tables need to be placed conveniently in living room.

For people who have big living room then you are blessed. Well for such have side table and nesting tables near the seating.

Stunning Living Room Interior Design

In living room it is advisable to avoid to personal photos as you can reserve them for private area of home.

Walls can have glamour when you add personal touch on walls through art or wallpaper.

Rug under coffee table to give perfect ambience.

Baqueratta Living Room Interiors

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