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Narrow Hallway Design Ideas

Passages are an inevitable part of the home. The passage is the transitional area of the house, which take us from one space to another space or room at home. Mostly the passages are the mundane space but believe it; these are the spaces of the house which can permit you to go wild with ideas if you want to decorate them. Passages are connecting, and these, too, need the attention of creativity like the rest of the home. Most of the time, passages have walls painted in solid colors and maybe some storage, but nothing decorative is added there. Passages need to be spruced up too.

Tudor Flooring

You don’t have to spend huge on décor or hire an interior designer as you can do yourself the décor of passages. For this, you don’t have to come up with some box ideas. Remember that passages are passages, and thus, they are not that wide enough to have any large pieces of furniture. Here are some ideas to spruce your passageways:

Small Hallway Ideas

Use the walls to display your favorite quote which inspires you. You can hang paintings. Also, putting up wallpaper is a good idea. It adds a glam factor to an otherwise common and neglected space.

You can also paint your walls in dual tones and get vertical or horizontal stripes.

A funky clock will speak volumes.

Choose the home passage wall instead of Facebook to tell your family story by framing the old and new photographs.

If you travel and pick souvenirs, you can add a rack to display them here.

The corners can have a flower vase, a big antique vase, or an indoor potted plant.

You can create bookshelves for the smaller books.

Hallway Furniture

Artifacts or décor items you have collected can also be displayed.

Passageways can have mirrors for the décor.

Stain glass painting can also be done.

Passageway outside child rooms can have a height chart and their photographs as they are growing up.

You can choose from different patterns and colors in the passage.

Passages can have an exciting type of lighting done. A lampshade etc., can do wonders there.

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