Decorate Home With Blue And Green


The hues of blue and green on their own or mixed add a calming effect to your home. The hues of blue and green tend to have a soothing effect and adds serenity element to your home. It is said that the hues of blue and green have healing powers.

Green is considered a color of harmony, which is made from the blue and yellow color. It acts to be a mild sedative useful in the treatment of the nervous conditions, ulcers, colds, cancer, etc. it strengthens eyes. It helps in the treatment of many inflammatory diseases.

Blue: blue is a cool color; blue is soothing can alleviate pain and reduce bleeding, and heals the burns. Blood pressure tends to be normal with blue light.

Here are some ideas as to how you can decorate home with blue and green colors:

Green Blue Dining Table Design

Create a blue and green color dining table centerpiece. Mix vases and the candle holders or the candles in different sizes and spread them on a runner in a similar color. But remember not to keep them on the same height.

On the dining table, you can also do a beautiful layout of your buffet in different shades of green and blues. You can stake fancy plates, glasses, and bowls in corresponding colors to make the place look serene.

Create entry setup by placing the blue or green color vase which has white flowers

Blue Green Bed Sheets

The living room is the right place to have blue and green colors. Use the pastel shades of blues and greens and make it eco-friendly place. Use these shades for wall colors, drapes colors, upholstery, and couch.

Blue Green Home Interior Design

Bedrooms, too, can blues and greens as their base color. Use neutral bedding and add accent pillows in the shades of blues and greens. Add accessories such as picture frames or stack books with the bindings in corresponding colors.

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  1. After reading this post I was acquitted about benefits of colors. I really like this idea to use of blue and green hues for my decor. I am very fond of using LED lights in my home. Please share some good ideas about use of led lights for interior.


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