Decorate Living Room and Dining Room Combo


Living room and dining room combination is also known as great room which is two spaces which don’t flow and have no unity. But with the correct colors, furniture, décor and placement are key in decorating and designing the great room which will have visual appeal and also be functional.

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Most of the living room and dining room combination have L-shape in which small portion of the L-shape being devoted to the dining.

Decorate the living room and dining room combination:

Wall paint: Paint living room and dining room areas with same neutral shades. This will help in enlarge effect to space or you can choose two shades of same color one light and darker than other to create flow in area and help in coordinating space. Paint living room walls in one color and use coordinating wallpaper or border in dining room area.

Dining Room Decoration Ideas

Decorative items:

Purchase all the decorative items such as table linens, artwork, lampshades, painting, and sculptures and other décor items which has same theme or similar in both room. Continue with theme and décor. Like if living room is of blue walls, taupe fabrics, and white trim you can have blue, white, taupe plaid or print for the mats, chair cushions, and table cloth.

Green Brown Living Room L Shaped Sofa

Position a largest piece of furniture such as sofa in living room across focal point in room. Place sofa across breathtaking piece of art or in front of media area or television.

Place the second largest piece of furniture such as the two chairs or the loveseat which ho together at 90 degree angle from the sofa and create L shape in room.

Angle the dining room table such it sits diagonally. You can also center it in space but parallel to longest wall in case you have no space to keep it diagonally.

Position small piece of furniture like end tables, sideboard or ottomans such as they relate to larger pieces

Simple Modern Dining Room Interior Design Ideas

Add large potted plant, flower vase or floor lamps near groupings as it will help in defining the space. Position them in empty corner actually draws attention to empty area.

Don’t place furniture which blocks doors and walkways.

Dining table is not catching all. Avoid this as it clutters the room.

Invest well in cabinets, large baskets and storage containers.

Modern living room Dining Room Ideas


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