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Pop Art

Bathroom Pop Art Mural Interior Design Ideas

This modern art form challenges traditional artistic styles in which it isolates material or any image from the original context and then reproduces it with other objects to give a new perspective. Pop art typically features iconic images on movie posters, any advertising images, or pictures of celebrities, logos, cartoon characters, etc. This genre is known for bold and vibrant colors, which makes it excellent décor at home and even in the office. Here are some decorating tips and guidelines for incorporating pop art or decorating your room with pop art. If you are planning a makeover, pop art will add a different dimension altogether, maximize the artwork’s aesthetic look, and create a space you will love.

Now How To Choose Pop Art To Decorate Your Room:

Pop Art Decor

Choose the aspect of pop art that appeals to you most and on which you want to focus the theme. For example, music lovers can hand classic posters of the singers or rockers they love or character you love to adorn them on your walls.

Select a piece of pop art you want to incorporate into your room. The prints will be large; colors will be bold and vibrant. You can choose one large piece or even opt for smaller pieces in the same theme. Pieces are unique and can be the center of attraction, so don’t overwhelm them with any additional artwork.

Modern Interior with Pop Art

Your walls must be neutrally colored paint which must not clash or take away from colorful and vibrant pop art. For example, if you hand hot pink prints of Marilyn Monroe on the red or pink color wall, it will minimize the dramatic effect of the design. Instead, a simple black or white color wall will make the piece center stage. If you don’t want to paint any additional colors, you can consider painting adjacent walls with any complementary color.

Pop Art Apartment Interior

The artwork in the room must be hung to give a prime position on the wall. In case you use a poster or print, it will be better to get it framed to give a finished look and make it look professional.

Accessorize such room with small decorative items inspired by pop art theme or color palette introduced in the artwork. Use items such as decorative trinkets, pillows, and furniture accordingly.

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