Decorate Your Yard For Festival Season


Decorating a home and yard is one of the most important parts of a festival. The house and festival become alive when decorated on festivals and which bring positive vibe when everyone comes to your place.

Festival Decoration

Festivals are the seasons of joy and time to meet and greet loved ones; they are the primitive reason why we work so hard so that we can enjoy a good time with friends and family. We invite friends and relatives to enjoy, laugh, and spend time with each other at our home. This brings the home decoration to light and is a very important part. May it be Holi, Diwali, or Christmas, each festival brings a specific kind of spark and requires a different type of home improvement or a home renovation as per the festival theme. Just like Diwali, which is a festival of light, homes and yards are decorated with colourful light, which is a treat to the eyes.

As we all know, two major festivals Diwali and Christmas, are just around the corner, and the decoration period is just about to begin. Decorating your home and yards for festivals not only gives you a blissful and satisfying feeling but also gives your home or yard a new and refined look. But if you are just running short of ideas on how to decorate your home/ yard and make it beautiful, rejoice as here we are going to offer some exclusive yet in-expensive decorative Yard ideas with elegant decorative ideas as per the festivals.

The theme of festivals is light and brightness in your life. So, spend your leisure time making your yard attractive with lights, which will increase your enjoyment. Try some of the best decoration tips for your yard.

Yard Decoration For Diwali Festival

Decorative Diyas And Candles:

Decorative Diyas And Candles

Decorative candles and diyas are the main components of Diwali decoration, which make everyone feel the home renovation has been done. You can make decorative candles and diyas at your home for decorating your yard pathway. You can use waste cans to make candle holders and decorate the can with spray paint and use your design ideas on the can and put the candles in it. Place candles by the side of the pathway towards the yard, You can make an artificial pond in the yard with an old bucket and put cadels in it, which look beautiful at night. On the exterior wall, you can make or stick stickers of a peacock that really look beautiful, and nowadays, dark glow stickers are easily available. While decorating your yard with diyas and candles, make sure that they do not harm plants.

Flower Decoration:

Flower Decoration

Flowers make your home fragrant and beautiful. In addition, flowers are great for decorating your yard. Take some flowers, make a garland, and hang them along the candles. Decorate this garland on stair railings near the artificial pond. 

Yard Decoration For Christmas.

The Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree

The tradition of Christmas trees and decorating trees on Christmas is said to be from Germany, as they were the first to do the same and got very popular since then. Martin Luther, a 16th-century German preacher, was the first one to bring a Christmas tree inside the house and celebrate the eve of Christmas. From actual oak trees to plastic-leave trees, today, a wide variety of Christmas trees are available to embellish your house on Christmas eve. It has been seen people since then have taken a keen interest in decorating Christmas trees, and even home improvement children also love to help in decorating.

You can decorate the tree in your yard with lights, and if you live in a region where there is no snow, you can also use cotton balls which may resemble snow. People light up Christmas lights. The yard and the pathway which bring one near to the tree can be lighted up with lights, and small cotton balls can be thrown on the same path, which may look realistic. You can also get an artificial sledge or make one with the help of used p.llastic and which will look beautiful and will recycle the waste as well.

The Star

The Star Decoration

The star on top of the tree depicts the star of Bethlehem, which shows the path of the three men to the stable where Jesus was born. Usually placed on top of the tree with lights and beautiful colour., the star is nowadays replaced by a wreath, a flower, or sometimes even a small statue of Jesus. One can also decorate the yard with the light of the stars around the yard fence.

Yard Decoration For Holi

Colourful Balloon Decorations

Colourful Balloon Decorations

Having your yard well decorated with colourful balloons provides a perfect ambience for the Holi festival. You can have colourful balloon decorations throughout the area of the yard, which brings the yard to life. Tie a ribbon to the end of each balloon and bring them all together by tying them into one knot, making a full balloon rope, and putting it all over your fence. Make simple quadruple balloons bunches and tie them in different places like the entrance and play area.

Colourful Pond

Colourful Pond

Make an artificial pond with colourful water in it as Holi is a festival of colour people love playing with watercolours. There are organic colours which are available. You can put them in a pond that is not harmful to the environment and the person playing with it. A small fountain with a water pipe is like a cherry on a cake.

We hope you have a pleasant festival time with your friends and family. To enjoy any festival, it is essential that your house should also be festival ready.

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