Decorating For Spring: Infusing Your Home With A Fresh Look


Decorating for Spring

Although the wait may have seemed long, it’s time to celebrate spring. Decorating your home for spring can be an uplifting project that beautifies your home and brightens everyone’s mood.


Many people consider the emergence of crocus, daffodils, and tulips and the colorful blooms of forsythia and various other flowering shrubs to be the first indication that spring has arrived. Placing vases of fresh flowers, whether picked from your yard or purchased at the local market or florist, throughout your home is an ideal way to infuse spring into your decor.

Brighten Up A Room

The arrival of spring often generates a desire to spruce up the interior of your home. Painting an accent wall or an entire room can be a spring project that you’ll be able to enjoy for a long time. Wallpaper is a trend that is regaining popularity.


You can infuse your home with the freshness of spring by switching from winter accessories to spring accessories. Pack away the blankets and heavy comforters. Replace them with light-weight comforter sets with floral designs or spring colors. Some companies, like King Linen, have fashioned for every unique taste and season. Changing accent pillows and rugs from winter textures and design themes to those with a spring and summer textures and motifs will brighten up your home.


One way to make a dramatic design statement in a room is to acquire a collection of seasonally themed wall art and switch it out accordingly. There are lots of resources for finding affordable, attractive wall art. You might even want to consider hanging or displaying family activities and vacation photos that correspond with the season.

Welcome The Sunshine

Spring is an excellent time to focus on your window treatments. Using the minimal amount of coverage whenever possible, will allow more light to flow into a room. The lightweight material is a good choice for window treatments in spring.

Decorating Your Entryway

Give your entryway a spring makeover. Put some green plants or potted flowers in your foyer. A floral print welcome mat or runner inside the door would make the area feel inviting. Be sure to include an umbrella stand near the door to hold the umbrellas your family and guest will need when the spring showers arrive.

There are lots of ways to welcome the arrival of spring in your home decor. The freshness of spring can banish the winter doldrums that tend to hover in the atmosphere by the end of winter.

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