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Decorating Ideas

You never get another chance to make a good first impression. An office environment is a fine-tuned machine. If one part of a workplace isn’t quite working, other parts can start to underperform. As a business owner or manager, setting the right tone in an office to inspire productivity in employees is a serious undertaking. It can encompass many forms, one of which is the choice of office décor. Choosing to work with commercial painters and decorators is the best way to set the right tone in an office environment and to, inspire employees to work harder, and to boost levels of productivity.

Every person who works in your office will be impacted by the décor around them and the ambiance that it creates. This means that you have the perfect ‘blank canvas’ from which to create the environment you want for your business. This also extends to the relationships you build with both suppliers and customers if they visit your work premises regularly.

Think About The Colour Scheme

Colour Scheme

The color scheme that your commercial painters and decorators come up with should reflect the business brand and the ideals that you hold as a company. The color of a commercial area has an impact on productivity, on efficiency, on sales, on so many different aspects of a business. Therefore, you will most likely require different colors for different areas, and it should be well thought out and part of a long-term business plan.

How Do Different Colours Impact An Office Space?

Blue – a productive and calming color that promotes stability and helps to maintain clear focus. If your employees are staring at a screen all day, working through heavy-duty tasks, a blue color scheme could help achieve targets.

Yellow – an optimistic color that helps to stimulate creativity and design. In certain office spaces and specific tasks, a yellow environment is crucial to innovation and excitement.

Green – another calming color that can be used to reduce mental fatigue, to keep minds fresh and calm, and maintain a high level of consistency and efficiency.

Red – invokes a strong response and emotion; red grabs attention and increases motivation and desire. So if you want to inspire productivity, add a splash of red to the branding and décor of your office environment.

Add A Branded Mural

Murals are all the rage in modern design, and with good reason. A good way to inspire creativity, productivity, and performance in your employees is to paint a mural or design in the office space. Using images and designs that inspire or that are part of an exciting and inspirational corporate message that is central to your business branding will help to boost productivity amongst your employees. A mural can appear at the entrance to the business, in the breakroom, or in an open-plan office space where both employees and customers can see it at all times. It offers a great connection between the business and staff, telling a story.

Incorporate Brand Colours In Decor

Office Decorating Ideas

An important part of boosting productivity when decorating an office is to ask for advice from your commercial painters and decorators as to the best way to incorporate business branding. Your office environment will work better if there is a common theme that links it to the business as a whole. Seeing the journey from the office to the customer and beyond is an important process in creating a company mindset that your employees can buy into. This can be achieved partly with something as simple as incorporating clear brand colors into the decorating process.

Add Some Green

Add Some Green

A bit of greenery around the office, in the form of plants, will help to reduce stress levels. No matter how happy a workplace is, there is always some level of stress present. The more you can do to help your employees to reduce stress and have spaces where they can recharge and take a little break, the better. Adding plants around the office helps to purify the air; they look great and bring nature indoors. These are all great ways to increase calmness and to help staff remain happy and productive in the process.

Comfortable Set-Up

Your employees should be as comfortable as possible at their workstations. That’s not to say you want office furniture so comfortable that they feel relaxed, just that their desk and the chair don’t give them a stiff back and aching joints. There is a balance to be found where employees are comfortable, satisfied, and able to perform to the high level required of them.

Hire professional painters and decorators with the knowledge, experience, and skill set to transform your office environment. The right lick of paint, carefully placed furniture, feature wall, and décor can create the perfect work ambiance. Get it right, and you can boost productivity and maintain high levels of employee happiness. This makes a massive difference to the long-term success of a business.

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