Decorating On A Dime: Inexpensive Ways To Get The Look You Want


Your home should be the perfect place to unwind, away from the cares of every day. It should also reflect your style, so you feel truly at home. Decorating does not have to wait until you have a lot of extra money to spare or until you feel like you’re a pro. Here are ways to add beauty on a dime.

Transforming Throw Pillows

Transforming Throw Pillows

Throw pillows might seem unimportant, but when used correctly, small accessories like these can add a lot to the ambiance of a room. For it to work well, however, the throw pillows need to have colors, patterns, or textures that relate to other decor elements. If you have found some inexpensive pillows, or already have a few, but they don’t match the style you want, you can transform them cheaply by adding new covers. No sewing required.

Create new covers by repurposing fabrics from around your home. Cut and fold them to size, and use fabric glue to attach strips of Velcro to the inside seams. Now you have an entirely new cover that is easy to remove for washing.

Getting Furniture

Attractive Furniture Design

Attractive furniture need not break your budget. Visit furniture stores online or in your town, and write down the style and manufacturer of the pieces that catch your eye. Afterward, look up what you wrote down online. Typically, many results will come up for stores like The Dump, and you can find which are the closest to you.

Don’t overlook thrift stores, estate sales, and individual sellers when you shop for furniture. Sometimes you can find great used furniture that only needs a little sanding and a coat of paint or varnish to look like new again. Some decor styles even call for a distressed look, and if this is your style, you might not need to do anything to the used furniture you find.

Add And Reframe Art

Add And Reframe Art

Wall art can be the design focal point that leads the tone for other design elements, or it can help connect a theme distinctly or subtly through color or pattern. It is effortless to find beautiful yet inexpensive art. If you find some unframed, or the frame leaves much to be desired, reframe it. You can do it yourself cheaply, and it doesn’t take much time. Look for frames at discount stores and thrift stores or flea markets first. Some might already contain art, but all you have to do is remove the old and add the new.

Once you begin your creative process, you will discover new ways to add the right vibe to your space. Let the ideas flow, and know that what matters most is how your interior design makes you feel. Make your place look just right for you.

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