Decorating Tips For Your Outdoor Room


Your backyard room can be your oasis. Picture gently glowing lights in your trees, chairs with fluffy pillows, outdoor chimneys and fire pits, and lots of family and friends around. These outdoor rooms allow you to enjoy summer and the outdoors. If you’re ready to set up an outdoor room, here are three tips that will help you make the most of your space.

Space Expansion

Outdoor Room

Outdoor rooms can be an excellent way to extend your den or family room area if that room connects to the outside via sliding-glass doors. The key to melding indoors and outdoors is to bring some similar colors, patterns, textures, and plants from the inside to the outside. This provides visual continuity between the two rooms, making them look more like one single ample space.

Use The Space

Landscape Enhancement

While you might be extending your indoor space, you also want to make the most of the unique features you have outside. This is your opportunity to make your outdoor landscape shine. Consider working with your landscaper and Utah lawn care service on this project.

For example, if you have big fern-type plants inside the house, can you and your gardening team find some similar ones for the backyard? Adding the same features inside and out allows you to repeat the patterns between the two rooms. Talk with a landscape professional about how to make more of these indoor/ outdoor visual connections.

Make It Cozy

Decorating Tips for Your Outdoor Room

It can get a little chilly when sitting in your outdoor room later in the evening, but there are some steps you can take to alleviate the chill you feel. First, if your outdoor room is defined by a patio or deck space, plant shrub trees around it to keep the space private and cozy. Second, think about investing in a fire pit table. These setups have a built-in fire pit plus a couch or chairs, giving you and your guest a warm place to sit.

Add some small touches like white Christmas lights, painted patterns on the floor, and pots of flowers flanked by garden bowls. Buckets filled with sand and candles that you place throughout the space give off more light and complete the look as well.

An outdoor room can be a fun addition to your overall home space. By working with a landscape professional, you can find ways to make the outdoor room look like a part of the indoor space. The addition of some mood lights, a cozy fire pit, and some privacy bushes make this a space worth the effort it took to create it.

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