Decorating With Wicker: 4 Ways You Can Do It Right


Wicker is an excellent addition to any space, but it is especially effective in rooms that feel dark or gloomy. When it’s more loosely woven, it allows light through, brightening a room and making interesting shadows if it’s near a light source. Because it’s inherently casual, wicker can overcome a stuffy atmosphere as well. It’s easy to care for, too, giving you a tremendous versatile furniture option for years to come.

Stay Flexible

One of the most beautiful things about wicker furniture is that they’re very lightweight pieces. Even a huge wicker chair can be easily moved by most anyone. If you need to rearrange the seating, there’s no need to call for help. Because the wicker is available in so many natural tones, you can find pieces to suit any décor. You can also move your wicker furniture from inside to outdoors with little fuss.

It’s important to note that natural wicker shouldn’t be left out in the sun for long stretches or exposed to rain. However, if you have a covered patio area, a wicker seating set can easily expand your dining and relaxing options.

Hang Out

A simple way to create an oasis with wicker is to hang a wicker chair from your ceiling. You’ll need to make sure and secure a heavy-duty hook directly into a joist for security. However, a hanging chair is a welcoming feature in any room and encourages time with a book and a favorite beverage. Inside or out, you may also enjoy a wicker swing that will offer room for two.

Storage Option

A wicker trunk can serve both as a coffee table and as an excellent storage bin. A sturdy wicker basket can be filled with toys or extra blankets and grouped with plants for a tropical, yet practical appeal. Wicker is quite easy to clean.

A wicker trunk is a stylish way to store things you don’t want cluttering up the room. For example, a sturdy wicker basket or box can be filled with toys or extra blankets. This is a stylish option, and the trunk can double as a coffee table or end table. They also look great as a shelf for plants, though this may be inconvenient if you will be using the stored items often.

Remake Your Wicker

If your wicker furniture is looking less than perfect, it’s easy to clean. You’ll want to remove any cushions from the piece and carefully vacuum it inside and out. If you notice dust in the crannies and crevices, use canned or compressed air to blow it out.

In addition to enjoying your wicker furniture in its natural wood-toned state, you can remake your wicker with a couple of cans of spray paint. Because these pieces tend to be long-lasting, you may be able to find them at second-hand stores or yard sales. It’s a good idea to purchase a priming spray paint for the best cling. If you find a color that you love that can’t be approximated in a heavy-duty primer, get close with the primer and add a top coat of your favorite. Once the wicker is fully sealed with primer, your favorite shade should cling well.

Wicker furniture is easy to move, easy to clean, and easy to remake. Whether you’re trying to create a more casual décor or just like furniture you can easily transport, you’ll likely love living with wicker.

Wicker furniture is a great decorating decision. It will stand the test of time and will fit with almost any design scheme. If you’re looking for a good, versatile option, consider adding wicker to your room.

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