Decorating Your Living Room Texas Ranch Style


Ranch Style Living Room

According to research done by Home Stratosphere, 29% of people decorate their living rooms in a contemporary style, and 21% of people prefer traditional living room decor. Texas ranch style is a beautiful combination of both contemporary and traditional. It is all about creating a comfortable room with a feeling of light and space. Modern Texas ranch style isn’t all about sticking antlers on walls either. Instead, it’s about bringing elements of nature indoors and being inspired by the great outdoors.

Creating Space

When you visit a modern Texan ranch, the first thing you will notice is the feeling of space. There are lots for sale, and in the big state of Texas, a ranch will come with plenty of building room and land. To make your living room feel spacious, too, place large mirrors on opposite walls to reflect the light and create a feeling of depth. You should also consider decluttering your living room and finding a new home for ornaments and trinkets. Keep shelving bare, or choose a couple of statement pieces to create a focal point in your space.

Soft Furnishings And Fabrics

The fabrics you use in your living room can make a big difference in how cozy and comfortable it looks. Taking inspiration from Texas ranches, drape faux fur blankets over your sofas will keep you warm in the winter months. If you are considering bringing in elements of cattle print, then save this for pillow covers so that it isn’t completely overwhelming. Dark-colored velvet or corduroy are also a popular option in ranches and will help reduce noise levels if you have wooden or tiled floors.

Bringing Nature Indoors

Texas is known for its wide-open spaces. When you are inspired by ranch style, bring elements of the great outdoors into your home. Use some wide-leaved potted plants to make a statement or large vases of dried flowers if you’re looking for something low-maintenance. You can also make seasonal changes, bringing in garlands of autumn leaves in October or pine decorations in winter. If you have a fireplace, fill your mantel with the colors of nature, and make it a design feature.

Texas ranch style is all about giving your living area a feeling of open space. Decorate with the seasons and use warm fabrics to give your home a touch of big state luxury.

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