Decoration Ideas For Janmashtami 2021


Janmashtami is one of the delightful festivals in India, celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna; the festival sends waves of happiness all across India. The festival is a heartwarming sight, with colorful decorations, shining lights, floral theme decorations, and much more.

This Janmashtami, it’s your turn to bring harmony with Lord Krishna’s birth anniversary, decorate your home with traditional and alluring styles to enlighten your life with joy. Pedal through the most stunning and scenic ideas of decoration for this Janmashtami.

Peacock Theme

Peacock Theme Decoration

The most elegant part of the peacock theme decoration is the temple decoration part; the devotees of Lord Krishna decorate the temple in an arched manner from peacock feathers.

Peacock Theme Decoration

The peacock feather in Lord Krishna’s crown is the cynosure of the decoration theme.

Peacock Theme Decoration

The aarti thali is decorated with glittering papers shaped in a peacock’s feather. A stunning peacock rangoli accomplishes a final peacock theme with gleaming blue and green tints.

Floral Theme Decoration

Floral Theme

The floral decoration is the most common yet of premium quality. The decoration starts from the temple itself. Lord Krishna’s idol has always been surrounded with jasmine, thus hanging woven strings of jasmine in an arched manner or spiraling the strings around the temple’s pillar makes the decoration outstanding.

The jhula decoration with mogra flowers resting in the cradle of Lord Krishna is the most beautiful way. A floral rangoli can be laid down with hibiscus, mogra, and other petals.

Pearl Theme Decoration

Pearl Theme

Pearls are a royal way of decoration and bring the most beautiful look. This type of decoration starts by weaving pearls of various colors in strings and hanging those strings in semi-circular arcs around the temple.

One can also try filling colorful pearls in a glass vase. The pearl decoration can also be extended to Dahi Handi; circularly sticking shining blue pearls around the Handi looks attractive.

Dry Fruits Theme Decoration

Dry Fruits Theme

The dry fruit theme decoration is undoubtedly the most unique and enchanting. The decoration starts at Lord Krishna’s jhula; sticking pistachios on the structure of the cradle is the first step, followed by covering the chains of the jhula with an alternate combination of almonds and cashews stuck to it vertically.

Figs are relatively more significant in size and can decorate the corners of the temple with raisins stuck to its centers. The temple pillars can be spiraled with cashews and pistachios, giving a royal white tint.

Balloon Decoration 

Balloon Decoration

The balloon decoration gives the authentic baby birthday decoration look, which is synonymous with the festival that celebrated the birth of Lord Krishna. The balloon combination choice is the first step; the combination could be of two or more colors.

The balloons can be coded in a fixed combination and spiraled across pillars in the pooja room, made in a huge arc on the background of the idol. A blend of both these ideas can be followed too.

Curtain Decoration

Curtain Decoration

The curtain decoration becomes vibrant when rice lights are hung from it in an arched manner. Holding back the curtains slightly in a traditional style and following the lighting alignment with the curves of the curtain gives an aesthetic look.

The color combination of the curtains must be given importance; the blue-green or orange-red combination works perfectly with the traditional festival style. Furls and puffs can be made of the curtains to give an edge to the decoration.

Budget Decoration

Budget Decoration

The decoration can also be done, keeping the expenses well within budget. Indoor plants can be brought closer to the temple, diyas can compensate for the lighting, and earthen pots can create a colorful atmosphere. Even mud and stones can be used to create a village look for depicting the birthplace of Lord Krishna.

Eco-friendly Decoration

Eco-friendly Decoration

The eco-friendly decoration starts with the idol being eco-friendly because, after the festival, it is usually flown in rivers and causes pollution. Mud pots and artificial flowers can be used in the decoration not to disturb the environment for decoration. The balloons can be compensated from colorful cloths, non-toxic wall paints in colors of green, etc.

Vintage Decoration

Vintage Decoration

The vintage decoration style can be achieved by decorating the temple with wooden items and incorporating as many golden items as possible to give that extra little traditional look. The wooden pots and a wooden jhula will give the original village outlook to the decoration; it will make the decoration look more authentic.


Any of the ideas from above can be adopted for 2021 Janmashtami’s decoration, allow your home to live the day in joy with vibrant themes of decorations, and let Lord Krishna’s blessings fall upon your family.

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