Decorative Door Knobs And Stops


Beautiful Door Knobs

A decorative door knob will help to make a nice difference in the home décor which will help to make the house look very attractive and beautiful.

The doorknob is one of the most frequently used items in the home and can be used to make a dramatic difference in your decorating theme. Decorative door knobs are a great way to create a new and interesting focal point for your interior and exterior doors without needing to replace the actual door itself. Doorknobs are available in a variety of materials and types, so you can coordinate the doors throughout your entire house and create a new and beautiful theme.

Designer Creative Door Knob

Various decorative door knobs are available in the market, and they are categorized into various styles like the primary style, passage, privacy, double-dummy, and single dummy. The privacy-style knobs normally have the push pin lock. The single dummy and the double dummy door knobs do not operate a latch mechanism.

Door Knob Cool Design

The door knobs come in a variety of various materials and designs. In order to enhance your existing theme, you can play around with a variety of decorative door knobs which will help to make your doors look very attractive, and in turn, it will make the house look very attractive too. A decorative door knob will play an important role in increasing the beauty of the house by making the hardware of your doors stand out. Ornate designs help to make a different effect on the house too.

Awesome and Beautiful Doorstop

Door stops also play an important role in being a useful and silent helper, readily present in all businesses and homes. There are a variety of door stops available in the market which serve various purposes like holding an open door or preventing the door from opening too far. This door stops come in various styles, which you can choose per your requirement.

A magnetic stop is a device that uses the power of a magnet to stop the door. A rigid stop is a style that is quite common, and it screws into the trim of the wall. It also has a rubber tip at the end, which helps to prevent the door from getting damaged. A spring stop is also a kind of door stop that can be used for various purposes.

Chrome Door Stop

This stop is similar to the rigid stop, but the only difference is that it uses a spring rather than a solid piece. A hinge pin stop is the most famous style of a door stop, which is used when there is no baseboard.

Therefore a suitable decorative door knob and a decorative door stop will also help to add some beauty and usage to the house.

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