Decorative Lamp Shades for Your Home

On January 18, 2013 by Mamta

Living Room Modern tripod floor lamp

Lamp Shades add to the room décor by two purposes of looking good as a decorative item and with their light make décor look good. You can consider these factors while choosing new lampshade for living room and for bedroom i.e. whether to select for plain or enhancing, dimension, figure and color.

Decorative Lamp Shades:

Decorative lamp shades

You must think your lamp base before buying it. Plain lamp shades should be accompanied by decorative bases having painted ceramic base and even plain base can be more interesting and can give a decent look to your room. Using shades having bold prints all over the lamp base creates strong color clash and end up seeming like chaos.

The Size of the Shade:

Stellavie butterfly lampshades

You can find a shade which is small enough and your shade lamp is going to look odd, especially if it is tall and floor footing base. You should find a shade which is big so that the whole things will appear ratio. First of all consider the position of the beam shade and its closeness to the walls and spaces where people can walk. Don’t have that kind of shade which is too wide, as the shade will come on the walls and it won’t look nice. The height of the lamp shades should be about 2/3rd of height of base and the width of shade should be inch wider than the widest part of the base. Always use discretion and common sense along with this rule.

Shape of the shade:

Shape of the Lamp Shade

You should never mix and max the shapes and the shades. It will make your lamp look a bit strange. For round lamp shades, round base will look great and for square lamp shade square base will look great.

Color of the shade:

Decorative lamp

The shade must match the base and universal décor of the room in which the lamp will be positioned. Keep in mind that the darker color will not allow lot of light to pass about the room and too light shade will affect in the glow being too bright.

Material of the Shade:

Material of the Shade

The last thing to consider is the material while trading lamp shades. There are some materials which draw more dust so while buying keep in mind that you don’t buy that material as they are very delicate and need to be handled well. Instead you can opt for glass shade which is easy to clean as they can be detached and cleaned in the water.

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