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Productive Office Design

In addition to the general layout of your office, many design features can influence how your employees will work. It’s simple to see that someone will work more productively in a modern, well-lit office as compared to a dreary old one, but home much further can this be taken? A good first step is to consider what works for you in your very own home office. In this blog, we examine a few of the most popular ways employers refit their offices to make employees more positive about their work environment.

Visual Stimulation Goes A Long Way

Copper Tinted Mirror Office Wall With Brass Inlay Detailing

When considering visual elements in an office, lighting should automatically be at the top of the list. Lighting will not only affect how people work – dim lighting is never a good idea – but it can influence certain psychological responses in people. Introducing natural light when you can is always a good idea, as natural light has a highly positive effect on employees’ circadian rhythms and general mood. Artificial cool light sources can provide stimulation, and are thus effectively used in collaborative areas. Light sources can also be effectively (and cheaply) amplified through the use of mirrors and glass. Colour palettes have a significant effect on human psychology – certain colours will elicit certain moods, and keeping this in mind you can introduce certain colours to your advantage in the workplace. Red, for example, is not usually the best colour to use in a workplace due to the connotations of the danger it conjures up for many. Instead, colours like green and blue can improve work efficiency and focus, while gentle warmer colours, such as yellow, can stimulate thought. These colours should also work with your company brand, so make sure to introduce your brand colours in tasteful and thoughtful ways.

Carefully Considered Objects

Office Refurbishments in Sydney

There are also a variety of objects that can be quickly and introduced into a work environment. One of the best ways to introduce objects into your office is by creating a green workplace. Indoor plants add not only an impressive visual touch but psychologically work to reduce stress and even clean the air in the office! After you’ve introduced your plants, consider any bare walls you have. Art is an excellent way to transform a bare wall into a focal point for the office, adding much-needed colour and interesting design touch. Whatever you do, try not to go too generic – if employees can easily recognise a piece from Ikea, they’ll likely be quick to judge. If you’re conducting an office refurbishment in Melbourne, your options for art should be impressive! At the very least, encourage employees to decorate their desk – it adds a special personal touch that is far from generic.

Create A Beautiful Space To Create Happier Employees

Beautiful Office Space

With a wide assortment of ways to make your office unique and exciting, creativity is the name of the game. If you feel like you don’t have the creative flair to make something decorative special (don’t worry, it can be very hard to come by!), you can consider asking employees what they would like introduced into space, or get a professional to refit the office for you. With all that in mind, you should be well on your way to a more productive office!

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