Design Home as per the Feng Shui Way


In every home there is need of unhindered flow of the positive energy and the feel good factor. And this is possible when you design your home as per the Feng Shui in term of décor, design and alignment.

Adaptation can extend beyond framework of the building design and can be used to enhance the interiors, décor and the furnishings and other aspects of the design element. Simple approach to the Feng Shui can in proper layout, allocation of rooms in right sector. First you need to get the interpretation of magnetic fields, compass directions, axis of plot, it becomes easier to design home on basis of the Feng Shui.

Generic Rules of the Feng Shui:

Feng shui home design

Main Door: Main door must be largest door and must never open to kitchen area. Position of main door is critical and depends on axis of plot. But the door on cardinal direction is considered as bad position.

Feng Shui Clean Clutter Kitchen

Kitchen: Kitchen is considered as one of the main area in home which must be appropriately design as per the Feng Shui. Kitchen is the place where we eat, what all we eat, and how we eat, is all part of science of the health and the vitality. Kitchen location is important as per the overall harmony of home. Kitchen is a place where there are many elements which operate in the tandem or in conflict such as fire and water etc, metals. Location of stove and sink is important. Sink must be away from fire that is stove.

Feng shui bed rooms

Feng shui stones

Master Bedroom: this again is considered as important room in home. In Feng Shui it is believed that in deep sleep we reunite with source that is if we sleep deeply we awaken fresh and ready for new day. Quality of the sleep is more important than length of sleep. Certain location is conducive to peaceful sleep. Use wood bed as compared to metal. Wood is benign and is warm and metal is cold and oppressive. Metal is associated with Saturn.

Living Room: the living room is sanctuary for the relaxation. As per Feng Shui center portion or the Tai Chi of house is not that conducive for any major activities as it receives the least amount of the cosmic energy hence its beneficial if major portion of living room occupies central zone of building. Make sure you orient your sofa and heavy furniture such that it occupies south and the western sectors of room and you must avoid furniture or blockage in northeast sector of living room which is also knowledge sector.

Feng shui bathroomToilets: remember that toilets and the kitchen must not to be too close as food energy and toilet energy are not compatible.

Feng Shui is more about the basic relationship between earth, cosmos and man. When we adapt these principles we are able to create healthy environment where there is harmonious and prosperous living.

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  1. Very interesting design of the room, in the style of feng shui. Be sure to do the same style as yours. Uspakaivaet and a positive flow of energy, thanks


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