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When it comes to design, there are many elements that you have to consider. Whether you are renovating your bedroom, dining room, or indoor or outdoor space, many people want to create a space that is visually appealing, inviting, and showcases his/her personality. But, easier said than done, right?

What makes space stand out against the rest? More importantly, why are adding touches of your personality and tastes to an area important? Imagine walking into a house with blank walls, wooden furniture, and no color. Will space give you a memorable experience? Will you want to spend large amounts of time in a bare space?

Chances are, you answered no to both of the above questions. You would leave with no clue as to what its owners like. Without personal touches, you wouldn’t learn the characteristics or aspects of a homeowner’s life that usually are given away. Space, whether inside or outside, should include small details that give hints to the owner’s taste and style. Anyone can have a space they call home. But, what truly makes a house a home?

The key is personality. When your space accurately reflects your tastes, experiences, and style, it will take on an entirely new feeling. You might be wondering, “ But how do I know my space has a personality?”

The answer is simple. If guests who spend time in the space can form an idea of who the owners are, or at least bits of their character, your area has a distinct personality. If they have no clue what colors you may prefer, what kind of style you like to design in, and what the décor says about you, then space is severely lacking personality.

How many times have you tried to create a beautiful space, only for the finished product to come across as confusing, impersonal, or cluttered? Worse yet, after decorating, does the room still come across as bland? You want the design of the room to reflect your taste and style accurately. If this isn’t happening, your intention is probably right, but the execution is wrong.

If you’re looking to renovate a space to showcase your personality, there are several tips to follow. Below, we walk you through design tips and tricks that add character to any room in your house.

  • Decide How You Want To Feel In The

Before you even begin picking out wall art or a color scheme, you need to ask yourself an important question. How do you want to feel while you are spending time in the room? For a bedroom, you may want to feel peaceful. In a living room or common gathering area, you want to feel vibrant, talkative, and social. As for an outdoor space, you might want to feel like you’re on your very own tropical getaway.

This is your home, after all. So, take the time to think about the room and the desired feeling you want to get from the space. This will help set the tone of how to then decorate the space accordingly.

If you want to feel calm in your bedroom, but you often feel on edge and have a hard time falling asleep, take a look around. Your décor may be the cause of your opposite emotions. The splashes of red, harsh, bright lighting and uncomfortable bedding all contribute to blocking those peaceful feelings.

  • Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment 

Interior Design

When it’s time to redecorate, many people are afraid to experiment with a new look. However, staying within your comfort zone may be holding the look and feel of your space back. Go bold with color, and add trinkets of past interests. 

  • Lighten Up 


What’s the easiest way to change the atmosphere of your space? Stark lighting creates a drab look. Worse yet, if the light is harsh, it can drive people out of the room. Look for lighting options that offer a soft glow that is warm and inviting. 

For personal touches, look for unexpected ways to light the space. Chandeliers, rustic lanterns, industrial hanging bare bulbs, modern floor lamps, twinkling string lights: There are endless options when it comes to choosing a unique way to light up a room. Try to avoid the expected two tabletop lamps on either side of a couch or bed. There is nothing unusual or unexpected about this symmetrical look. If you want to add personality to space, go for some lighting options (and placements) that are different from the norm.

  • Color Me Happy 

Color Combination With Pink

This may seem like a no­brainer, but you have to incorporate color if you want to make a personal statement. Think of all those very public, impersonal spaces. Hospitals, schools, libraries, doctor offices – if there’s one thing they have in common, it is their lack of color. While we understand you might not be able to color your walls, there are plenty of ways around that!

Every single room has to have a focal point to draw the eye in. Many choose to use the most important item in the room – furniture – to serve as the starting point for your eye. A way to make a big statement in a living room is by brightening up space with a colorful couch. A ruby red, emerald green, or dark pink sofa will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression and add a fun personality to the entire room. If that’s a bit too bold, try for bright­hued coffee tables, throw pillows, punches of bright art on the wall, or colorful curtains.

  • It’s All In The Detail 


Lastly, you can’t add personal touches in a space without thinking about the small details. Adding your favorite novels to your bookshelf or coffee table gives guests a glimpse into your tastes. Hang a world map with pushpins marking all the places you’ve traveled to show off your favorite pastime. Displaying your guitars in the corner of a den

will show off your musical abilities. All of these small details are what bring life to any space.

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