Design Inspiring Office Space in Bedroom


Modern Workspace At HomeWith many people opting to work from home an office space for such people is must. Most of us don’t have space for office in home although you are working from home. This is seen in cases of women who tend to work from home in order to be with their kids as well as work to support their expenses. This means you need an office space in your home. But space is limited and you cannot take away the bedroom of your kids or living room for your office and most of people look towards their bedroom as possible place which will serve dual purpose area for sleeping and working. Here are some key concepts which you can integrate to seamlessly workspace in your bedroom which will creative cohesive and inspirational office space.

Corners come to your rescue as office spaces need to be a place which is out of traffic. The office space should not dominate your bedroom else your spouse may feel encroached on his or her personal space.

Make sure you have plenty storage.

Place desk in corner and use shelves above to hold the items and supplies such as books, stationary etc.

You can use mason jars, or small buckets which you attach on walls with metal clamp to hold stationary such as pens and scales etc. make small cubbies for papers, staplers and small office supplies.

Home Workspace Design Ideas

Bedroom must look beautiful at same time. Create inspiring office space but with continuity in design. The office furniture must be in consistent and coordinates with existing pieces in room.

Workspaces Neutral Modern Home Office DecorHang artwork which is inspiring or which makes you happy over desk.

Have a room divider in form of screen or open bookshelf if room will be used as bedroom as primarily, this will help in separating work area from rest of bedroom.

Keep your desk away from dresser and armoire. Go for under bed storage which help you increase your storage in bedroom.

The workspace of the office nook must be places near window if possible. This will get you light and outside views.

Scented candles in citrus flavor provide stimulating scent.

The desk of the office must be away from bedroom door.

Do away with clutter. Minimize mess by storing office supplies in decorative boxes and not on desk.

Place large chair which is comfortable for working.

Buy a lamp for late night working.


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