Design Interior Trends For 2013: Part 1


Interior Design Trend 2013

Here are some interesting design interior Trends in the year 2013 which have been observed across the globe:

Relationship between interior design and Men

Society is changing, and it has collateral effects on all aspects of our life, which has resulted in men being interested in household activities and helping with children. Thus this year, male preferences have been given due importance. This has led to:

  1. Sober Furniture Details

Sober Furniture Details

Colors: less flashy

Functionality chosen over the cuteness

The aesthetic point of view creates visual balance

But overall, the whole interior design and décor are done to make both partners feel at ease.

  1. Group Dynamics

Interior Designer Team

There has been noted a very interesting shift, which is a shift from personal tastes and group tastes.

Now from single interior designers to interior designer teams. This has led to sky-high efficiency and is well managed by more than one person.

For example: while designing a room, one team member can do the planning, another takes care of lighting, and the third takes care of accents, embellishments, and finishing touches. This shares responsibility and speeds up the work process for the client.

  1. DIY Projects

DIY Projects in Modern Home Office

Self-expression is indeed expressed through the interior of the home and your particular room. This has seen the rise of DIY projects. Self-expression is now more and more seen in the homes of people everywhere. Today people want to have furniture and home décor, which mean something to them, like it makes them smile or ultimately makes the place feel like home.

Repurposing the various things, objects, and materials in now passion and form of art

DIY projects have gained power in the process of interior design like:

Old chairs are being revamped

New candle supports

Creativity is taking the next level with the homeowner, not just an innocent bystander but has complete control of the project outcome.

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  1. Stylish and decorated home shows the personality of a person. There are now many ways to decorate, some people go with the dim lights and some go with the colorful walls and light! It just depends on the mood and the fashion trend! I have a 15×15 room with blue walls on the wall, what sort of bed would you suggest me to buy?


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