Design Interior Trends For 2013: Part 2


Interior Decor Trends 2013

Interior designs have seen new trends this year, which has given new dimensions, innovations, and new horizons. Here are some more design interior trends for 2013.

Texture And Touch

Texture and Touch in Contemporary Hall

People never paid attention to these in the past as to how the furniture or embellishment will feel touching the surface. This was due to the fact that functionality was the main sought characteristic in household items. But things are way different now.

Touchable Textures in Modern Kids Room

People are now searching for touchable textures because this inspires warmth and comfort and is a way to engage and experience the proper home atmosphere. Trendings are the suede and wood, defining interior design trends in 2013. The availability of various textures has also been a key factor in arranging the spaces.

Embroidery And Knitting

Knitted Carpet Patterns for Contemporary Living Room

It is indeed shameful that we didn’t learn everything from our grandmothers, especially the skills of embroidery and knitting. Embroidery and knitting make our home look more cheerful. The latest trend is to have colorful carpets with knots, various knitted storage baskets, proof covers, etc. because handmade is back and appears here.

Colorful Carpets with Knots

There have been modern twists in such items produced by hands which creates particular charm.

Stripes and more stripes, horizontal and vertical

Social spaces have inspired people to have vibrant living and energy. And with this, we have the trend of stripes which looks elegant as well. You can choose to have the stripes horizontal or vertical. Stripes can be used in:

  • Carpets

Carpets for Modern Dining Room

  • Upholstery

Upholstery Designs for Sofas

  • Graphic Art

Graphic Art for Home

  • Wallpapers

Red Wallpapers

Use bold red or make a black and white pattern, highlight the trend of 2013, is a distinct feature of movement long which are defined strips which are also associated with minimalist décor trend and compliment it well. The idea is to make a thing stand out without compromising elegance or visual harmony.

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  1. Great article Vishal! Texture and touch are most certainly the key trend to look out for next year too. We think that we’ll be seeing more of the ‘distressed’ style in furniture.


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