Design Interior Trends For 2013: Part 3


The design interior trends for 2013 have given décor new zeal through which people are now exploring new innovative ideas. Here are some more interior design trends of 2013:

Floral Patterns With The White Background

Floral Patterns with White Background

The floral design and patterns are back in Style, especially with the white background. This ensures a very romantic touch. It allows for perpetual holidays; floral patterns can make a strong statement in the room. You can choose from various patterns, colors, patterns, and materials and make them appealing. You can try fabric covers, wall paintings, and wallpapers. It has a pretty strong effect.

African Influences

African Influences

Today more modern villas are showcasing unique design themes and African influences, which are particularly considered exotic and dynamic.

African influences have now become a major trend which has brought.

Warm Colors

Warm Colors Design

Animal Skin Décor And Imitations

Animal Skin Decor

Eclectic interiors

Wooden furniture elements


Wrought iron


Handmade decorations are all defined by African Style

Hand Sketching / Wall writing

Hand Sketching

Hand sketching and wall writing have become more popular as a graphic artist has started to collaborate with interior designers to create wall imprints. You can get your favorite message elegantly written in the hallway or on the ceiling.

Green Walls And Garden Rooftop

Green Walls and Garden Rooftop

Green or eco-friendly living is a key factor in architecture and interior design. The trend is to have mobile plant panels, framed plant screens, and add lighting effects, which bring a fresh touch to the apartment. The approach is healthy, elegant, and original.

Fashion Inspiring Interior Trends

Fashion Inspiring Interior Trends

This can be seen with neon colors also being a trend in interiors. Burberry design can be seen in linens, wallpapers, etc.

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  1. It looks really epic, i’m gonna renuvate my home, so i was searching for a good design with cost effective! And i found it here! Thanks for being a part of my home decoration!

  2. Great pics. Looks like many things happened in 2013 in the design and architecture industry.

    Looks like something seasoned, but great touch.


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