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If you are in the market to buy a new home, there are many things to think about. Location is one of the most important considerations for you and your family. You want to be close enough to work, schools, and shopping so that driving doesn’t become too much of a chore. You may also value quiet and privacy above all else.

Once you’ve narrowed down the general area and the surroundings that you deem most important, finding an existing home that meets your needs may be challenging. You might find the right size house, but with a small backyard for the kids. Or, you fall in love with the yard, but the bedrooms are too small. Many folks decide at this point that building a new home makes the most sense because then you can decide on all those particulars that mean so much to your family.

Spec Homes vs. Custom Built Homes

Dream Home Design

  • Spec Homes – Builders will build spec homes in various locations. The builder chooses the floor plan and typically selects the flooring, countertops, and other fixtures. If a prospective buyer chooses a spec home before the construction is complete, they may have some say in the details, but the layout is typically decided in advance.
  • Custom Built Homes – If you decide to purchase a custom home, you need to find a builder to physically build the house and possibly a designer to help design the floor plan. You can also select the land on which you want to build. Simply put, you get to choose all aspects of the design.

While investing in a custom-built home is more expensive than buying a pre-built house, some significant advantages can potentially save you some money in the long run.

Advantages Of A Custom Built Home

Custom Built Home

  • As mentioned before, when you build a custom house, you are in charge of all the selections. The floor plan, including the number and size of bedrooms, and maybe even one of those custom bathrooms you’ve seen in magazines, are all choices you will be able to make. Flooring, cabinets, countertops, and fixtures are also items you get to pick. When you have the flexibility to make your own choices, you can potentially find more eco-friendly solutions than a builder might choose, which can reduce your heating and cooling bills. Energy-efficient appliances, lighting, and even landscaping will save you money in the long run.
  • You can avoid spending money on expensive remodeling projects and repairs by buying a brand new home. While finding a fixer-upper can sometimes be a great investment, it can also backfire. Remodeling costs can skyrocket quickly. Repairs and renovations also take time, especially if you try to do a lot of the work yourself. Investing more money upfront could potentially save you money down the road, not to mention it could prevent a lot of frustration.
  • Being able to choose exactly where you want to build can also make finding that perfect location much easier. Since you don’t have to balance finding a location with getting the features you are looking for in a home, you don’t have to settle for something that doesn’t fully meet your needs. Plus, if you find a location closer to work, for example, it will save a lot of money on commuting costs over time.

It’s tough to know if you can afford that house you’ve always dreamed about, but finding a reputable builder who can work within your budget will make things much easier. An experienced builder can help you decide what features are most important to you so that you get the best fit for you and your family while keeping the costs manageable.

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