Designer Homes: How You Can Light Up Your Home On A Budget!


Some homes are great to live in, and that looks nice, right, and everything that goes along with it. And then, there are amazingly designed homes that look like a perfect sketch of what can only be defined as a masterpiece. You almost feel like staying there longer because of the kind of ambiance that is created and the fact that you almost feel like it is a perfect place to be. The whole point of being in an area that gives you so much of positivity and a feel of enlightenment is something that you would want to carry with you always. The main reason to draw this kind of positivity is the kind of lighting that is present at home and the energy that comes with it.

You would want to use ambient lighting too for your home to make your house a designer home. Making your home look attractive and beautiful is one thing that we all want. It has to be pleasing to look at and make people want to live there. There are many places you can find that match the criteria that you want from home, but getting the perfect combination is not the easiest thing to do. How do you go about it? Here is a quick guide –

  1. The first thing you want to do is measure up and see the number of lights you would need for your home. Look at choosing the number of lights points that would be appropriate for the entire house and break it down room by room. Start with the living room and figure out the points you would want to add lighting, and if it would be feasible. Do not bother about the kinds of lights that you would use, for now, instead think about the lights that can be fit conveniently and what changes you would have to do – for example, if you had to pull wiring for LED spotlights in the hallway and such. Once you have this, you have a clear idea of the number of lights you have to own or buy and the setting up cost you have.

  1. What kind of lights would you use? : Quite a tricky question, eh? Well, it is not an easy one. You would have to understand the types of lights that are available and what would be suitable where. The living room is one place where you would want all the attention to be. So, chandelier lights would be the most straightforward and smartest way to do that. You would never let the attention of anyone away from the room with a view that looks as attractive as this. Figure out the kind of wall lights you would need for the entire home and how you would want them placed. Would it have to be on each strip, and if so, how would you want to align it?

Chandelier Lights

  1. Choose the most attractive lights in the right places: If you can afford fancy high lights everywhere – it is a bonus. In case you cannot, though, you can choose to use elegant lights in specific points only. Pendant lighting can be used in the kitchen and the living room area, for example, and it would add up the glamour. It would be the quickest way to get to make your home look great.

Pendant Lighting

  1. What lighting? : LED bulbs are the smartest kind of light there is, and you would be able to save a significant chunk of money on the electricity bill too. It is a definite advantage, and though LED lights are a little more expensive at the start, they are great to have at home in the long run. You would have more significant and brighter lighting apart from low energy consumption. Plus, LED lights last almost for 15 years, so forget about having to change the bulbs frequently.

LED Bulbs

We all want to own a home that is built brilliantly and designed even better. It is no easy task, and having the right ideas in place is a must to achieve this. There are many different kinds of homes available, and most of the time, we think too early in the type of designs we can implement or not. The best idea would be to create a sketch of how the home would look and what you are expecting out of it. It would be the best platform to create a beautiful home. If you have been thinking about owning a home that is set just like this, these tips would be the ultimate guide for you to decide the way your home should be – Lighting makes all the difference to the way home has been built and designed.

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  1. Himanshu,

    Thanks for posting on a topic most people overlook.

    As you rightly point out, ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting are all very important to every day life. Choosing the right lights and the right bulbs (soft, cool, daylight) makes a huge difference.

    Thanks for the education!


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