Designing A Garage To Fully Meet Your Needs


Sooner or later, every family man starts turning their garage into their special safe haven. From spending a lazy Saturday afternoon in it, lying in a hammock (and listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival) to storing your tools and other clutter-inducing things, a garage is an inseparable part of every home. What’s more, it can be adapted and designed in many ways to meet various needs.

Energy Efficiency Through Windows

Energy Efficiency Through Windows
Since the primary purpose of a garage should be car protection, it’s supposed to be a pretty low-maintenance space. However, this home add-on can cause more expenses than you might expect. For instance, if the windows are old and they leak air, you’ll need much more energy to heat the garage. As a measure of reducing the consumption of energy, you can install windows with a larger R-value and minimize heat loss.

In addition, the larger windows you choose – the more light they will provide for the garage, which will also lead to higher energy efficiency.

The Door(s) of Protection

The Doors of Protection
Apart from poorly installed or old windows, an improperly installed door can lead to much higher heating and electricity bills, as well. Besides, failing to equip the garage entrance with a safe door increases the risk of burglary.

On the other hand, enriching your overall home protection with a cutting-edge garage door will repel potential burglars the moment they spot this modern defensive device.

In addition to the door, the garage will meet all the security requirements if you add a motion detector light above the entrance.

Adding Height

Adding Height
As time goes by and new cars roll in, that old little garage might not suffice for all your needs. For instance, maybe you started checking out online car auctions to find an affordable offer for a new vehicle, or you simply want more storage space. Such new conditions require a bigger garage. However, the sole fact that you have a garage means that your house is probably surrounded by other properties, which is why you can’t extend your garage horizontally. Even if you decide to steal some space from the driveway, it will still be inconvenient, especially if you possess a couple of cars. Most importantly, the need for an attached or detached RV garage is felt by homeowners that have a couple of large-size station wagons, a big SUV, an RV, or a food truck at home that needs a high parking area with a roof. This is why the garage should be extended vertically. That way, you can add more height and use it to organize the vertical space to accommodate your tools and other things that can’t be stored in the house.

Hanging Features

Hanging Features
People often forget that the ceiling can also be used in many smart ways when it comes to garage storage. For instance, you can drill it and place strong hooks on it so as to hang your bikes on the ceiling. Now that you’ve added some height to the garage, hanging bikes on the ceiling is a perfect option. In addition to those two-wheelers, consider adding hooks for hanging baskets for your work equipment, such as overalls, caps, boots, and other similar items.

Also, you can add some extra hooks and suspend the hammock to turn your garage into a mixture of a workshop and a leisure haven.

When people see your garage, they will be able to tell what kind of person you are. If it’s a neatly arranged space, you’ll leave an impression of an organized and rational person. Apart from that, once you organize the garage items the way you like them, it’ll be much easier and faster to find them. Therefore, keep your garage in order and enjoy your work without any stress.

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