Designing A Retail Store Environment For The Mature Market


Retail Store Design

All shoppers have stores that they prefer to shop at. Finding a favorite store could be influenced by several apparent factors such as products and pricing, but other equally important factors include ambiance, organization, and location. Designing a retail store that will appeal to any target market requires an understanding of consumer preferences, but this is especially true for stores with a mature market.

Shoppers over the age of 55 make up the mature market and a significant percentage of many store’s clientele. To appeal to these customers, retailers must take specific considerations in mind as they design the environment within their stores.

Why Should You Cater To A Mature Market?

Every retailer looks to design a space that will fit the purpose and personality of their brand, but a store would be nothing without its customers. Although many stores are exclusively designed for a younger clientele, the majority of retail stores would benefit from making a few adjustments that will cater to an older market.

But why would retailers benefit from catering to a more mature customer? There are two primary reasons: they are growing in number and growing in income. It is estimated that by the year 2030, almost 22 percent of Americans will be over the age of 60, making up a significant percentage of consumer spending. Income levels for those over 60 are also increasing along with their numbers and are projected to continue doing so through 2020. Studies are finding that seniors are shopping more frequently and have more flexibility in their disposable income.

Design Considerations For The Mature Market

As the number of older shoppers continues to grow, retailers would be wise to adopt the design of their stores to create a comfortable environment that will appeal to the mature market. Many simple changes can drastically improve the shopping experience of an older customer.

Non-Slip Floors: Many retailers opt for shinier, modern flooring, but these types of flooring can be slippery, or they can appear slippery. Regardless of how slick they are, many older customers feel anxious about stepping onto a shiny floor. Non-slip flooring increases the safety for shoppers, and employees, of any age.

Product Placement: Retailers must keep in mind that older shoppers will find it challenging to reach products that are too low or too high. Products geared towards their interests or needs should be strategically placed on shelves or displays to make it more easily accessible.

Easy To Read Signage: Signs with product information or pricing should be designed with easy to read fonts and sizes and placed in logical locations. Over 50 percent of shoppers between the ages of 60-80 have said that they find it difficult to read labels or store signage.

Well-Trained, Patient, Friendly Staff

One of the primary complaints from senior shoppers is about the service from the staff. Stores should invest time into ensuring that staff is not only well-trained, but that they also have an understanding of how to respectfully speak and interact with older customers, or those of any age for that matter. Friendliness and patience can go a long way in helping a more former customer or encouraging a purchase.

Strategic Seating: Adding seating options throughout the store can be easily be done to fit the layout, design, and décor of your store, providing older customers with the opportunity to rest as they shop.

Easy-To-Open Doors: It may seem overly necessary, but the main entrance of the store can also play a role in the accessibility of a store. When possible, use automatic doors, but most importantly be sure that doors are not too heavy or difficult to open.

Ambiance: Lighting, type of music, and music volume are all factors that can also be adapted to fit the needs of an older market. Good lighting will help them see products better, while music plays a role in their in-store experience.

Heather Allen Design Group is experienced in designing retail stores in Las Vegas that will appeal to mature markets without sacrificing on the purpose or identity of the brand. To learn more, contact us today!

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