Designs And Layouts: 4 Popular Kitchen Themes To Rock Your Home


Modern Kitchen

The kitchen usually ends up as the central area of activity in most homes. However, kitchens can also take any shape, design, and theme. These themes are a way of expressing what type of homeowner you are. Fortunately, there are a wide array of designs you can choose for your kitchen. However, sometimes you wonder why you need to upgrade your kitchen.

It’s never just about eating and cooking. The kitchen is where the action happens. From entertaining guests to a family gathering, there are different functions of a kitchen. So whether you want to build a new kitchen or renovate one, it’s always essential to assess how you live before so that you’ll know what design you’ll want for your kitchen theme.

You should continually be inspired by new decor ideas and encourage yourself to transform your kitchen area with these practical and functional kitchen themes.

  1. Modern or Contemporary Themed

Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchen design is one of the favorite choices for most homeowners. It works well with any stainless-steel type of equipment, furniture, appliances, and kitchen fixtures. It is a simple kitchen design but packed with elegance and beauty.

It gives the kitchen a clean look with smooth and flat cabinet doors. You can also use any power sander for this job. It can save both time and energy. You can read this article about cabinet sanders. It has outstanding architectural design and light fixtures. Countertops usually have squared edges, and wood tones would range from very dark to very bright.

If you need help renovating your kitchen layout, you can contact some home improvement companies near your area or other Melbourne renovation companies. In this way, you’ll be able to identify what type of theme you want for your kitchen.

  1. Traditional or Cottage Themed

Traditional Kitchen

Traditional or cottage kitchens are perfect for any home and kitchen. Nothing is more welcoming than a cozy cottage kitchen. These kitchen themes consist of panels, stylish corbels, profile doors, skirting, ornamental handles, capping, timber benchtops, and stone.

Unlike modern and contemporary, traditional and cottage kitchens are all about little details and character. Character means they focus on natural materials such as wood and human-made ones.

These kitchens are elegant and classy, which genuinely stood the test of time when class and quality were the top priority. In addition, they have a welcoming, homely, and warm ambiance that catches the people’s attention quickly.

  1. Rustic Themed Kitchen

Rustic Themed Kitchen

A rustic-themed kitchen will remind you about the forest. It’ll tell you about little cabins and mountain lodges. This type of kitchen design brings together the roughness of the wood and the smoothness of the metal.

Together, they give comfort and warmth to most homeowners inside the home. So when you apply this in your kitchen, there’s no doubt that it’ll provide your kitchen a nature-like feeling together with a warm atmosphere.

Materials associated with this type of design are stone, wood, tile, and glass. Rustic kitchen design is also a suitable theme for most contemporary houses. Also, rustic kitchens are unsuitable for smaller kitchens, although they can adapt to fit in an acute and small place.

  1. Monochromatic Themed Kitchen

Monochromatic Themed Kitchen

Monochromatic kitchen design is a combination of contemporary and modern styles. It’s a simple yet elegant design, which is a popular choice for most homeowners. A two-colored backsplash can complete a monochromatic kitchen design. Floating shelves are a suitable design if you’re short on cabinet space.

Those who have the kitchen positioned in the center of the room, as the current trend often encourages, must opt ​​for an island chimney that generally has an elegant and design structure and finish. It can be cylindrical, cubic, or even be remarkably similar to a chandelier. Some telescopic models remain recessed in the ceiling and are operated and lowered by remote control only in need.

Types Of Kitchen Chimneys

Kitchen Chimney

  • Island chimneys
  • Built-in or retractable chimneys
  • Wall chimneys
  • Chimneys integrated into the hob

The built-in chimneys are instead recommended for those with little space available and want to exploit it as much as possible, even in height, because they remain installed under a kitchen cabinet. When not in use, they remain completely hidden.

However, one of the most common types of kitchen chimney is the wall-mounted one, completely exposed, now proposed in very decorative versions thanks to unusual materials and captivating colors. They are fixed cantilevered above the hob in the middle of the wall units and are recommended for those who have a lot of space available and are willing to sacrifice a wall unit to leave such an appliance in plain sight.

Finally, the chimneys are integrated into the hob, with models that rise and are activated as soon as the hob is turned on, self-adjusting the suction power according to the cooking intensity. In contrast, in others, the shutdown can be postponed to suck in residual odors.


Designs, layouts, and themes are essential to increase functionality in your kitchen. There are a lot of kitchen designs you can choose for your home. You can even pick one kitchen theme and design your way around it. If you want to achieve your kitchen goals, consider these four popular kitchen themes to make the dream kitchen you always aim to have.

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