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If you are living in a city, it is difficult to have a garden. Nowadays most of the cities have small residential space, concrete slabs and to top it up a busy lifestyle that makes gardening very challenging. However it is a great idea to have an urban garden if you have a clear picture of what you want and how you have to go about it.


When you are planning and arranging for an urban garden, certain things should be kept in mind. When you have a very limited area to work on, you will have to carefully look into the tiniest details with precision. Below are some simple ideas which will help you to sketch out your urban garden.

Draw a rough sketch of how you want your garden to look. The best way to visualize your garden is to have it on a paper. It will also ensure that the area in which you work is utilized effectively.


Use optical illusion. If you want a small space to look big, then use mirrors in the urban garden. This is a very intelligent way in the present time to make things appear large. Weather resistant mirrors are very good for outdoor gardens and can be placed in a sunny area, so that the sun light reflects and lightens a shady place.


Make the area lively. You can paint the background or the fences with light colors which will open up the space of the garden and make the plants stand out.

Remove unpleasant view. A street, a neighbor’s wall or any other unpleasant view can be removed with a use of a desirable barricade.


Know about the plants. You must research about the plants that you want to grow in your urban garden. There are certain plants that grow when they are mixed with other plants, while there are plants which grow separately in a secluded place. Some plants need direct sunlight while others need partial shade. Knowing the traits of a plant, it will allow them to grow favorably.


Plant strategically. It is important to provide the ingredients that a plant requires to grow; it needs water, manure and most importantly sunlight. Make sure that you grow the plants strategically so that they get sufficient sunlight. Apart from this you must know where you can keep you plants to have cohesion in the garden. This will allow you to have other landscaping items in the garden.


Make use of planters that save space. With a small area for your garden, you cannot keep all the plants on the floor. Raised beds and containers will help you to stretch the garden area and will help you to place more plants in a small place. You can use planters that can be hung or placed in different areas.

It is not very difficult to have an urban garden as it may seem. You can plan the way you want your desired garden to look like. But keep in mind to make it look neat and not cluttered with more than what you can fit in.

Urban garden

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