Different Types of Commercial Staircases

On May 16, 2017 by Preeti Shah

There are different types of commercial staircases that you see around you every day. Some of these are all about extravaganza and done up elegantly to match the theme of the space. Then, some are simpler but contemporary. Finally, some others that may not really be very beautiful or seem to wow you, but made to deal with everyday wear and tear. So, overall, there are plenty of options out there to choose from and an array of designs for your staircases. Here are some different kinds of staircases that you may want to consider for commercial zones:

Winder Staircases

Commercial Winder Staircases
These are classic commercial staircases seen in yesteryear hotels, museums, and similar places. These are a vintage style of staircase that adds opulence and the problem here is that the steps turn without a landing. So, you are getting a wedge-like shape. Nevertheless, the design is gorgeous enough to swoon you and these are still in use in the commercial zones like hotels and other similar places. They go best with handrails carved or made from wood and other similar material.

Arched Staircases

Commercial Arched Staircases
These too can be seen in many of the yesteryear homes. In addition to that, they give an old-school feel. These commercial staircases are all about grandeur. On the other hand, these are common in public buildings and spaces where you can see them often. Having two staircases of these kinds is perfect to keep the traffic inflow smooth.

Compact Staircases

Commercial Compact Staircases
Considering the kind of restrictions and space problems that most people are facing today, these staircases are also getting sleeker and more compact. The idea is to ensure that they are there for a beautification and emergency purpose where the commuters mostly use the elevator instead of the stairs. The compact staircases can be either dual or single. These can be of an array of shapes and sizes.

Here are some factors that come into account and different styles of these commercial staircases.

Base Material

Steel Staircase Design
Depending on the use of the staircase and its purpose different forms of materials are used. For example, a hotelier would use a marble staircase and similar richer stones to add opulence to the place. On the other hand, a more generic or public place could make use of concrete and other similar materials. Doing so helps in reducing the cost and it is a durable option.

Height Of Stairs

Designer Commercial Staircases
Being a commercial space, it is essential that the height of the staircases worked out properly. For example, if the staircase is too high then one can have issues going up and down. On the other hand, something too low would just add to the cost. Hence, this is an important design aspect that one should consider when considering designs for commercial staircases.


Along with these factors, there is no denying that the different kinds of balustrades too make or break the staircase. These can be made of glass, steel, iron, or other metals and even concrete or wood.

The different shapes of the staircases are again important to add to the design aesthetics. For instance, you would want a straight and sleek staircase for a college or school while a public building would be probably wider. On the other hand, something in a hotel will be decorated with carpets. Moreover, it will be spread out lavishly. Hence, there is really no end to the designs for these commercial staircases, but it is important that you do consider the usage, convenience, and other related factors in mind before installing one.

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