Different Types Of Pillows


Colorful Pillows

Pillow is an important part of the bedding. It ropes the upper body and alleviates the pressure while sleeping or lying. Depending on the sleeper’s choice, pillows are ballooned with a different material which is generally soft and recover shape immediately. Different types of filling for pillows include polyester, memory foam, Styrofoam bead, natural cotton, natural cotton, and natural latex.


Polyester Pillows

Sleepers who look for reasonably priced pillow stuffing can opt for polyester filling pillows. They are made from man-made plastic, and polyester filling can last up to two years. Its value of filling depends on the number of threads. Pillows filled with polyester must be regularly cleaned because polyester tends to absorb sweat and facial oil.

Styrofoam Beads

Bean Bag

If you want the fillings for the bean bag, you can prefer Styrofoam beads. Just like other pillow fillings, Styrofoam beads are very gentle on the neck and back and adapt to their shape. Because this type of filling is synthetic, it is known as hypoallergenic. Support pillows filled with Styrofoam beads can easily be washed and are very light to carry.

Natural Cotton

Natural Cotton Pillows

These days, people are looking for green pillows that help not only their health but also the environment. These pillows are usually filled with natural or organic cotton mixed with wool batting to remain soft.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foams have hundreds of holes providing adequate air circulation and reducing moisture collection. It is visco-elastic and provides the greatest support. Because microbes cannot flourish in foam and memory foams are hypoallergenic. Memory foam is frequently used on anti-reflux and tail bone pillows for pressure reduction.

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