Different Varieties Of Plastering And Tiling Services For Residential And Commercial Buildings

On May 29, 2017 by Himanshu Shah

All residential and commercial buildings of urban areas widely require the expertise of the building contractors who have specialist professionals who are experts in plastering the walls and tiling the floors or wall surfaces. There are many contractors’ firms that have gained reputation in providing plastering and tiling services to the homeowners, who contact them for hiring their services for building or renovating their domestic or industrial buildings.

Types of Plastering Services Available for the Homeowners

Decorative Plasters

  • The walls and ceilings of the house are uniformly covered with a paste of plaster and water, to make the walls stronger and ensuring the longevity of the wall paints.
  • The professional plasterers use effective screeding tool for making the plastered surface absolutely even, with the help of screed board, screed strip or screed rails. In some cases, the screed coating of sand and cement may also be applied over the plastered surface for insulating the rooms.
  • The professionals apply smooth finishing on the plastering of the walls and ceilings of a new building or an existing house to make these concrete surfaces suitable for painting, which is known as skimming service. Some people may prefer to use extra plasterboard to be fixed over a wall that is commonly known as dry lining or dot and dab process in the construction industry, mainly in case of large commercial buildings, before final skimming of the walls.
  • Sometimes, an artificial board or panel of gypsum plaster is pressed between two sheets of thick lining paper, within a wooden frame and these plasterboards are used as partition walls for making extra rooms or for further decorations of the interiors, mainly in commercial buildings.
  • The plastering is done to address the dampness of the walls or ceilings, by repairing the cracks or any kind of damage on the concrete surfaces. Thus, the whole building can be saved from further damage by expert plastering services.
  • Many homeowners re-board or re-plaster their old ceilings with new plasterboards, for covering up the cracks on the ceilings or for renovating the rooms with artex ceiling coatings. If the old artex ceiling is damaged, then the professionals remove the old artex layer and cover up with new artex coverings.
  • In many old buildings, the torn wallpapers need to be stripped off and re-covered with damp proof dry plastering layers, for extending the longevity of the house.

Varieties Of Tiling Services Offered For The New And Old Buildings

Commercial Tiling Services

  • The walls and floors of the rooms are often covered with various types of tiles, depending on the taste and the budget of the homeowners or the business owners. Generally, marble tiles, mosaic tiles, vinyl tiles and natural stone tiles are used for covering the floors of the living rooms, bedrooms and office rooms.
  • The floors and walls of kitchens and bathrooms are mostly covered with ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles, which are easy to clean up. The kitchen counters and bathroom sinks are usually covered with granite tiles that are highly durable and easy to maintain for years.
  • In many buildings, the floors and walls of the garages and factory rooms are covered with slate tiles or granite tiles over the concrete surfaces.

The appearances of any room can be changed with a great positive effect by using the plastering and tiling services. There are many reputed construction firms and contractors based in most respective localities who undertake these specialists’ jobs as required by building owners. The well trained and experienced professionals render all types of services in the fields of plastering and tiling in any type of modern building.

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