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Dining Room

When you intend to add extra storage to your dining space, your dining room must be cluttered, especially for the small kitchen/dining room combo design. It is necessary to keep the dining room neat since it would affect health if it is dirty and messy. Generally, owners would increase the dining room storage capacity to tidy up the dinnerware and clutter, but how to add the storage to your dining room effectively without reconstruction becomes a major problem. If every dining piece in your dining space can sit in its position, it will save your time to look for it and do some cleaning.

Now, let’s discover the tips to add storage to dining space and the creative dining room storage ideas.

5 Tips To Add Extra Storage To The Dining Room

  1. Make Full Use Of The Corner Space, Vertical Space

Dining Room

Those spaces are easy to be ignored, but they always play an important role in storing. Search the corner furniture and wall-hung cabinet for your dining room, according to the available size, which can provide ample storage space but doesn’t take too much floor space. As for the kitchen & dining combo house, try to use the ceiling-hung space, and you can hang the pots and pans onto it. You can also use decorative storage products from Kansona home to add up value to your kitchen space.

If you don’t tend to mount too many cabinets on the wall, you can choose the tall freestanding cabinet to utilize the vertical space. The sideboard is the traditional way to add extra storage to the dining room. Thus, select the tall cupboards to organize more dinnerware, wines, and others. The compartments and drawers are able to offer spacious storage space. Don’t select the sideboard with open shelves, which is dust accumulated and not convenient to clean.

  1. Get The Furniture That Is Beautiful And Functional

The pretty furniture can add a stylish and attractive flair to your home but are they functional? For the narrow dining room, functionality is much more significant than beauty. Certainly, we can usually strike a balance between them. Most of the furniture in commonly-used styles are equipped with storage functions, for example, the china plate with unique pattern, the stylish vase for both decoration and holding flowers/goods.

  1. The Versatile Furniture Takes Up One Place But Functions As More Than One Role

The multitask dining furniture, like a dining table with hidden storage, sideboard also as a serving cart, storage chairs, is the ultimate idea to save space in your dining room.

In the dining room, the dining table and sideboard are commonly-seen. Get the dining table or bar counter with storage for dining space, so you can put the dishes, cups, tissue, and some frequently-used items inside, rather than displaying them everywhere. The movable cabinet cart from Povison is highly recommended, which flexibly functions as both a place to prepare the dishes and a sideboard for keeping the bowls, forks, wines, drinks, etc. The inside storage, tabletop, and even the side open shelves are able to contain plenty of dining and kitchen items. Moreover, the multitask sideboard can be moved to the living room or outdoor space, based on your daily need.

  1. Find The Small But Useful Home Goods To Improve Storage Capacity For Dining Space

Dining Room

The drawers organizer, expandable cabinet organizer rack, Lazy Susan turntable for the kitchen cabinet are really practical for every family. Once the space between two layers of the sideboard is too wide, the utilization ratio of the cabinet would be very low. At this time, those organizers would make a big change.

Here takes Lazy Susan as an example. Lazy Susan is not so lazy, which does not only contain the goods but also is a great way to utilize the corner space. It is easy to get and put the seasoning on it, especially the multi-layer Lazy Susan on turntable table, which is perfect for a small kitchen.

Tips: No matter the single Lazy Susan item, the dining table with Lazy Susan is also a wonderful idea. It provides a great dining experience for you and allows everyone to reach the dishes easily. With it, the dishes won’t be messy with your tableware.

  1. Organize The Dinnerware After Using

Dining Storage Dining Table

Even though you own the multi-functional furniture and equip the corner storage unit for the dining room, it is in vain if the dining items are still placed casually. The kitchen and dining room are still cluttered. Divide the items into different cabinets or compartments and inform your family members to place the items back in the right position after using them. Besides, get rid of the things that you are no longer to use.

In addition, there is much other furniture to add extra storage to dining spaces. With those tips and furniture items, your dining room would be larger and larger even if you buy more households for your home. To be noted, it is vital to tidy up and organize the stuff regularly. Share with us if you have other dining room storage ideas.

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