Discover The Difference Between Condos, Apartments, And Flats


While finding a home, you might have gotten confused about condos, apartments, and flats. Well, most people treat these three types of units as the same, but in reality, there is a little difference between them. You can know their difference from the builders, architects, and real estate brokers.

Also, you might have heard about condos in many TV shows. In Europe and other parts of the world, flats and apartments are the same, while in the United Nations there are flats, apartments, and condos, three different dwelling ideas.

If you want to know the actual difference between them, stay connected with us.

We have presented the difference in a more relevant manner. You can choose the dwelling as per your need and comfort.

  1. Apartment- Private Residency in a Community


An apartment is a private residence within a community or a complex. They also have property managers who are responsible for maintaining the Jadescape property. Any problems of the tenants related to repairs, security, rental agreements are solved by the managers of the property.

There are certain facilities within the community that can only be used by the people living there. The exclusive facilities that are involved here are; swimming pools, laundry rooms, gym, cafe, and theatre.

From one-bedroom to the luxurious fireplaces, the apartment has lots of options to offer you.

Apartments are generally rented units that are on a contract basis. The contract is almost from month to month lease or for 3 to 9 months. It can also be extended for one year or more.

  1. Flats- Home Space in Commercial Building


Flats are almost like apartments. Both have individual ownerships with various numbers of the room. However, flats are a single structure that is situated in the housing scheme of the country.

The Jade Scape flats are currently very popular as today there are varieties of flats present from simple outlook to the most luxurious ones. In large cities, youngsters are opting for flats due to comfortable living at affordable prices.

If you are looking for a flat, you can either contact the owner or the manager of the property. Sometimes the owner of the flat deals with all the problems which are faced by the tenants. However, owners would not have to bother for the repairs of the additional furniture or fixtures installed by the tenants. Structural repairs and plumbing related issues need to be fixed by the owner itself.

  1. Condos- Runs According to the Rules of Homeowners Association


There is no major difference between the Jade Scape condo, apartments, or flats. Condos are similar private space, but the major variation is about the ownership of this living space. If you own a condo, the entire maintenance would be in your hands, except the yard work. The cost would also include Home Owner’s Association repair and fees.

The HOA seems an additional monthly cost; however, the association is responsible for taking care of the exterior areas like pools, gym, ground, and parking area. They have definite rules and regulations which have to be followed by the owners of the house. Further, the tenants have to follow the same rules.

The owners will have to take the entire responsibility of the flat when it comes to condo living. Moreover, the owners have to find those tenants who are ready to follow the rules of the HOA. Here, the penalties are also included if certain rules are not supported.

Finishing Line

As now you know there is not much difference between all the three dwellings, you can easily differentiate them in your next hunt for the house. If you want to rent a home for some time, you can go for flats or apartments; though, flats are the best options when you want to stay for a long time or desire to invest in certain property.

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