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The flag of the LGBT community has many colors; each color has a separate meaning with different symbols. However, not everyone understands those meanings. These flags hide a lot of interesting things that people should not ignore. In this article, let’s learn more about the importance of LGBT flags and some information related to it!

What Is The Term LGBT?

LGBT is the officially recognized name in 1990 of the community of people with special sex. This community includes gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people. A term that describes a person’s sexual orientation, meaning they have a romantic, sexual attraction to people of the same sex.

LGBT Stands For 4 English Words:

  • Lesbian
  • Gay
  • Bisexual
  • Transgender

However, there are now many studies showing that about 3.5% of people have more diverse sexual orientations. They feel they are not 100% gay, straight or bisexual. These people often have a constant, long-term, and fixed sexual orientation.

What Is The LGBT Community?

The LGBT community is a community of people whose sexual orientation and gender identity are different from those of normal sexual orientation and gender identity. This community includes many other subgroups such as the Les community, Gay community, or transgender community.

Currently, due to the development of gender science, there are many studies proving that people have more diverse sexual orientations than just the above four groups, so the phrase LGBT today has become longer than that. LGBTQIA, in which:

  • Q – Queer: Queer are sexually-oriented individuals that do not fall into other categories.
  • I – Intersex: Intersex is a word for intersex people, people with atypical gender characteristics of being male or female. For example, a boy with a penis that is smaller than average or has a small groove that closely resembles the vagina would be classified as this.
  • A – Asexual: Asexual (Ace) or asexual are people who do not feel sexual attraction to any gender.

Up to now, the LGBT+ community has always suffered from social stigma due to differences in their sexual orientation. Many people often think that Gay, Les… is a mental illness and try to find a cure with psychotherapy. However, since 1973, the American Psychiatric Association no longer considers homosexuality a mental illness.

In the past few decades, in Western countries with the formation of an LGBT+ culture, people of the LGBT+ community have gradually been treated as normal people, even though many people have participated in many activities. Political and social activities and have made outstanding achievements. This increasingly strengthens people’s awareness of LGBT+ and moves towards respecting and combating discrimination against this community.

Origins Of LGBT Flags

1978 marked the birth of the first rainbow flag designed by a San Francisco artist named Gilbert Baker. The rainbow flag designed by Baker is inspired by the image of the “Racing Flag” flag – a muscle that often appears in fast motorcycle racing. The original rainbow flag consists of 8 lines; each line has a different color: The first line is pink, and the second line is red, in turn, colors such as yellow, orange, and blue. According to Baker, pink represents sex, red represents life, yellow is the sun’s image, orange is the image of the wound, and blue. The symbol of nature, green the symbol of art, indigo symbolizes harmony, and purple symbolizes the soul.

The author of today’s “stub” gay flag is painter Gilbert Baker. He drew inspiration from the image of the “Racing Flag” – the flag that often appears in fast F1 races around the world to design the iconic LGBT flag. However, the way for this 6-color flag to become a symbol of gay people around the world is a long one.

After completing the design in 1978, the artist Gilbert Baker came up with a business idea when he sold the idea of ​​​​the rainbow flag to a famous flag company called San Francisco’s Paramount to mass print and introduce to the market. However, an incident arose. The flag pattern brought by the artisans is hand-dyed entirely by hand, but when they arrive at the factory, they don’t have the pink fabric available for mass production. So the flag was reduced to 7 colors.

During this parade, with the decision of the Pride Parade Committee in 1979, Baker’s flag became known to the gay community for the first time. However, the 7-color flag has been removed from blue so that the number of colors becomes even; it can be divided along the parade route, with three colors on each side. The indigo blue also changes to a brighter, royal blue to avoid sinking into the neighboring purple.

The green flag first appeared widely during a protest in San Francisco. This event commemorates the American police officer Harvey Milk – the first person who dared to admit his sexual orientation openly. He was assassinated in October 1978, shortly after announcing he was gay.

Meaning Of Each Color In LGBT Flags

Today, the green flag has become a symbol and pride of the LGBT community. Anywhere, just seeing this flag, people know it’s a community of gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Since its first appearance in 1978, the green flag has undergone many design changes, removing some colors and then adding them back due to a shortage of colored fabrics in the market. The most common variant consisted of six colored stripes: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple – the same green flag we see today.

With the meaning of bringing borderless, unlimited connection, the six colors represent the diversity of the community, expressing the hope and aspiration for the LGBT+ community around the world.

Meaning Of Colors:

  • Red represents courage.
  • Orange represents awareness and possibilities.
  • Yellow represents a challenge.
  • Green represents encouragement and striving.
  • Blue is hope, sharing, help, and struggle.
  • Purple symbolizes unity, harmony, and solidarity.

The above article has provided you with all the information you need to know about the LGBT community as well as the meaning that LGBT flags bring. To update the unique and new designs, do not miss the website Hope you will have the more necessary knowledge for yourself.

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