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Diwali Home Design

Diwali is a beautiful fest because people across the cities décor their homes and offices as part of the celebration. I am not delving into why Diwali is celebrated. Here we are sharing some tips that you can use for decorating your home during the festival of light that is Diwali.

Diwali means adding bright colors to your home. Diwali is adding lights to your home. Diwali makes your home look beautiful, vibrant, traditional, and attractive.

Decorative Bells

Bells can be used in your home. Hanging a series of bells as a windchime, hanging bells entrance and in the verandah, or hanging bells in the corner, etc., can look amazing. A combination of bells and diyas of different sizes placed at different heights will give an astonishing effect on your home.

Ethnic Interior Diwali White Look

If the home lacks brightness, as you didn’t get time to repaint, then you can put a bright painting on one wall. Throw some colorful cushions. Let your curtains be bright, or wrap a saree around the curtain. Add oriental rugs of bright colors, and you will have a gorgeous room without spending much time.

Chandelier Interior Design

Diwali is about lighting; to add a special effect, you must add a personal touch to the different brilliance. You could design and modify the wall lights. Make simple rice paper lanterns and add bulbs or colored lights to them. It will give a fantastic effect on the room or nearby surroundings.

The Hanging Chandelier Will Be Just Too Excellent

Moroccan Lamps for Diwali

Another thing you can do is buy from the market earthenware such as diyas, pots, urns, and then color and decorate it yourself. You can give an exclusive touch to them and place these in any corner, as a centerpiece and all. Again, use colors and decorative ribbons, mirrors, and various things; trust me, you will love it all.

In a shallow terracotta, the vessel fills with water, adds glitter, strews some flower petals, and adds floating candles. Lit these candles in the night, and this will give an awesome Diwali feel.

You can add some traditional fabrics for decorating the home, such as cushions. For example, cushion covers can have mirror work, embossing, thread work, etc. you can use such materials with work for bedspreads, wall hangings, table covers, etc.

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