DIY Decor Things Mom And Kids Can Do


DIY Crafts for Kids

Now that holidays have begun and my kids are spending more time at home, silence at times gets me on my nerves as silence means danger for me and my home décor. Well, kids can ruin those perfect walls or sofa covers and create havoc like anything. Well, they have got nothing to do with schools closed—the solution to the problem I found is taking their help in decorating the home.

There are so many crafts and creative projects you can make with your kids. Here I am going to list of things mommies and kiddies can do together and get decorative and innovative:

Signs such as a family nameplate at the door can be made at home

Pencil Holder

Pottery painting: buy simple-looking pots and ask your kids to color and decorate them

Add chalkboard walls and let them scribble on that so that your other walls are safe

Chalkboard Handmade Charlotte

Create A Message Board

Add wall decals and wall stickers with the help of your kids

You get these stars and planets which glow in the dark and are also a way of adding décor to kiddies’ room

For a dining table, you can ask your kiddies to paint the coasters, table mats, and so on.

Ask your kiddos to paint and display them in an exclusive creative zone of your home or kiddies’ room.

Modern Kids Decor

Make wall storage or wall display with the kids. Like, take card boxes to paint or add stickers around and stick them on the wall and in that display kids’ toys or photos or trophies.

Make a clock with your kids. A small clock machine is available in the market to get that and get creative by making new wall clocks or table clocks.

Make a pen stand with soda bottles. Cut the bottles and wrap them around with colored threads, and you have an amazing-looking pen stand or pencil holder.

Do gardening with the best kids.

Child Uses Gardening Tools

You make photo frames at home with kids

Make cupcake flowers

Fabric painting can be done.

DIY Crafts for Kids and Mom

Quilling is also a fun thing to do with kids.

The importance is kids need to get busy. And doing art and craft activities with the kids will help you bond with your kids more as well as enhance their creativity.

When they have decorated a wall or specific item, they will take care of it; thus, they will feel responsible for the décor and look of their home.

DIY Pencil Holder

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  1. Love the blackboard wall idea! Hours of fun and amusement for the kids. Think that will be my next project in the boys’ room!

  2. I asked my local paint store if I could have the paint chip samples when they are done with them and they were more than happy to give them to me. I gave them my phone # and they have called me 2x’s in the last 2 weeks with over 1000 chips


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