DIY Done Right: 5 Pointers On How To Renovate On Your Own


DIY Done Right: 5 Pointers On How To Renovate On Your Own
Performing a home renovation on your own can save you a good bit of money. It also gives you a chance to choose every aspect of the design that you want instead of listening to some of the input that a contractor might offer. There are a few pointers that you can follow to get the design that you want with little effort.

Proper Planning

Home Renovation Plan Team
Before you do anything in the home, you need to make a plan of action. Create a budget for how much you have to spend and how much work you want to do in the home. Compare the prices of the materials that you need, along with any accessories that you want to include. You want to think about the energy costs that are associated with the renovation in the future as well as the maintenance.

Clearing Away

Dumpster Rental in Oak Lawn, IL
When you begin tearing out the materials in the home and the items that you no longer want, you need some way to dispose of them. There are companies like Tri-State Disposal that rent large dumpsters that will make it easy to toss everything inside at one time instead of making several trips with smaller loads to the dump. Keep in mind that you will need to make arrangements for the dumpster to be picked up when you’re done with the renovation.

Look At Examples

If you know someone who has recently renovated a home, then ask if you can visit to see how the job was performed. This will also give you a few ideas as to how to paint the room or how to install the floor with the colors and designs that you want. Ask questions about the work that was done and if any obstacles were faced with the project.

Temporary Living Area

Family On Floor In Temporary Living Room

No matter what room you’re working in, there will be an inconvenience at some point. It’s best to go ahead and make a temporary living area for the room that is being disturbed, such as moving small appliances into the living room, until the renovation is complete.


Proper Measurements
Take the proper measurements of every area of the room you’re working with before you get the materials. It’s always better to have too many items to work with that you can take back instead of not having enough for the job. Don’t forget the materials that you’ll need for the corners of the room and hard to reach spaces as these are often overlooked.

Renovating the home on your own has benefits. You won’t have to pay a contractor, which will save you money. However, think about the plan that you want and the details, getting help from professionals if it’s needed.

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