DIY Hacks To Clean Kitchen Window And Kitchen Countertops


Kitchen Countertop Cleaning

The kitchen is the most hygienic space in the house. Because food is made in the kitchen and therefore the cooking space must always be kept clean. After using the kitchen, you clean the kitchen sink, cooktop, floor, and utensils daily. So at the same time, there is some part of the kitchen or some stuff that cannot be cleaned every day and it is not possible.

Whenever we make fried or roasted things, the oil accumulates on the walls and kitchen windows around the stove. It should be cleaned once a week. Here a lot of oil gets frozen in the window; then it should also be cleaned.

For Kitchen Window

  • Usually, all kitchens have iron windows. If these windows become dirty, then potato is a good solution to clean them. Potatoes have oxalic acid, which is very helpful in removing rust. Take one potato, put some salt in it, and rub it on the iron window; this will clear the rust from the iron window.
  • If your kitchen windows are glass, you can also keep them clean with the help of potatoes. To use it, first rub the potato on the glass; after that, wipe the glass with a clean cloth or paper. This will make the glass shine.

For Kitchen Countertop

  • Often the countertop becomes the central and necessary part of the kitchen, no matter how spacious or small. It can be a space designated for unloading groceries or everyday appliances like coffee machines, teapots, microwave ovens, and many more.
  • This area needs to be cleaned after every task, and it must be clean and dry frequently. If the countertop remains wet or moist, then the risk of bacteria increases, so it is necessary to keep it dry.
  • The easiest way to clean the countertop is to take a microfiber towel and soak it in a mixture of water and mild liquid dish detergent and clean the countertops with this mixture as it is a good cleaning agent. The lubricating oil can be removed with this cleaning agent.

A stainless steel kitchen sink can only look good if it is shiny and free from stains. We would advise you to rub the sink every night to keep it clean. For this: Clean the sink with a non-abrasive cleanser. Use a soft cloth and make sure that the cleaner keeps in contact with every part of the sink. Then wash it with water and wipe it with any clean cloth. Or Soak a cloth in white vinegar and wipe the sink with it. Then wipe it with kitchen paper/towel. Or Close the sink stopper by putting it in the drain hole. Put a little club soda in the sink. Then dip a cloth in it, put the cloth in the sink, and wipe every surface of the sink. Then remove the stopper and allow the soda to drain. Then wash the sink with running water or fresh water and wipe it with kitchen paper or towel.

Wrap Up

Here, we have learned some hacking for cleaning the windows and countertops of the kitchen. If your kitchen’s windows and countertops have become dirty and dusty, then the hacks mentioned above will surely assist you in cleaning them. So, try to use them.

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