DIY: Hide the Ugly Stuff in Your Home


We all keep ugly stuff in our homes. From a mess of cables to an old and creepy dresser, it’s as if some things were specially designed to make us feel bad. The trouble with some of these things is that we need them so badly, otherwise we would have dumped them in the garbage a long time ago. Well, nothing is perfect, unless you take care of it yourself. If you are dying to know how you can hide all that ugly stuff in your home, make sure to check out this article because we have some good tips for you down below. Let’s get to it.


Hide an ugly shelf. If your shelves ugly up your kitchen or pantry, resort to this wise trick: make your own fabric shelf covers and cover-up that eyesore once and for all! What’s great about this idea is that you can come up with a design of your own. You can choose the color and pattern of the fabric to match the design of your room/pantry.

Conceal a pile of cables. Check out Pinterest for exciting and fun ways to hide your cables. From using a cable box to paper towel tubes and cord clips, there are a bunch of ways to keep your cables organized and, most of all, out of sight. Some person even disguised their wireless router in a vintage book cover. It’s worth a thought.

Hide tech stuff in a box. Cover your tech stuff such as routers, extension cords, cables, cell phone chargers, and thermostat with a box.

Dress ugly furniture. If there are stained or damaged areas on your furniture pieces, use furniture covers to hide all the nasty things. If your furniture is wooden, another great way to go is to paint it a color of your choosing. Other small fixes you can make include adding pillows and cushions.

Put your dresser in the closet. If your old dresser is an eyesore but you don’t have the money for a new one or it has sentimental value to you (it once belonged to your grandmother), try putting it into your closet. That way no one else but you will know about it. Plus, you can still use it. In addition, think about repainting it. If it is a wooden dresser, you can sand and refinish it for a brand new look and say goodbye to all nastiness, imperfections and impurities.

Get rid of textured ceiling. Gone are the days of textured ceiling. Or at least in some places. If you want to get rid of your old textured ceiling but it’s really hard to remove it, don’t sweat it, there is a better solution. A safe way to go is to attach planks to the ceiling. Choose a color and material to your liking and get things started.

Find a hideaway for your cleaning supplies. Most cleaning tools and products look anything but appealing and there is really no need for them to be in plain sight in your kitchen or bathroom or whenever you store them. Either keep them locked in the pantry or under the sink. You want to make sure they are out of reach of children as well are advising you from Prompt Cleaners Chiswick.

Hide your printer in a drawer. If your drawers are more significant than your printer, well, you could try tossing your gadget into one of the drawers. Remember to give the drawer a good wipe now and then to keep your printer running smoothly.

Place art around your light switches and thermostat so that they can barely be seen. Think about creating a beautiful picture gallery or showcasing some of your best DIY projects for everyone to see.

So that’s it, folks. This is how you can hide some of the ugly things that lie around in your home. Hope you find these tips helpful.

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