DIY Home Checklist Repairs After A Hurricane


Hurricane season is in full force, and once they come, their disaster can wreak a lot of havoc on neighborhoods and homes all around you.

Post-hurricane clean up is always the most challenging part of slowly returning to normal day-to-day life. If the damage isn’t too extensive, it’s still best to save money and avoid calling a contractor if possible.

Depending on the damage, there are a lot of things you can do yourself. This is a short checklist of the necessary elements to consider when getting your life back on track slowly but surely in the aftermath of a hurricane.

Inspection and Documentation

DIY Home Checklist Repairs After A Hurricane

The first thing you should do is to make a list of everything the storm has done to your home. A close inspection on the inside and out will allow you to file a claim to your insurance company to see if they will pay for any of the (usually) more extensive repairs.

If you can, its best to call an expert for what to look for that your insurance specifically will cover.

Water Damage

Water Damage

In the meantime, water is the biggest threat. Make sure that there are no leaks in your roof, as this can mean that water is settling somewhere above. In the dark, musty corner of your attic, water is a massive threat because this is how mold can easily start forming.

When checking your attic, look for signs of water droplets, wet insulation, and water staining visible on your ceiling.

You will also want to ventilate your home as to remove as much moisture as possible. You can do this by turning your air conditioning on (if you have power) and using fans if you have them. If the power is not on, leaving the windows open during the daytime is best if it is not still raining.

Other places where water can be a problem are around the base of your home on the outside. Make sure that there are no large pools of water resting up against your house as this can attract pests, and the water can slowly seep into the frame.

Roof Damage

Roof Damage

Because your roof is one of the most expensive parts of your home, be sure to give it a thorough inspection right after the storm passes.

Be sure to look for things like torn, missing, or broken shingles, as this is where the most damage may have occurred underneath.

Also, check the ruts in your roof because this is where water is most likely to settle.

And finally, make sure you remove the debris and large tree limbs from up here. Clear out your gutters of leaves, and hopefully, everything will be good as new!

Windows and Glass

Windows and Glass Repair

With the heavy winds, there were a lot of things blowing around that could have nicked or even broken your glass. Make sure you check windows for signs of cracks and dented siding.

Clearing Your Property

Property Cleaning

When it comes to debris, this can be a lengthy task that will probably take a few hours out of your day for the next couple of weeks.

It is always best to check your property for safety first by making sure that no limbs or even trees are at risk of falling. After the storm, the ground can be very moist, and tree root systems may be unstable or potentially come up from the field.

When it comes to cleaning up, start with the larger limbs first, breaking them up into smaller pieces as much as possible. Chainsaws are good for clearing up after a storm because you can use them to hack down large branches to more manageable sizes.

Organize the debris into small, manageable piles that you can set out for the garbage collector one at a time. Be mindful that they are collecting trash from homes all around you, so it may take time for them to take away all the debris from your yard.

If you follow these tips, before you know it, everything will be good as new.

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