DIY vs Pro-Installed Solar Panels: What The Difference?


Solar Powered Home

With all the solar panel system installation options, I know choosing the right and the best one for your home can seem like a daunting task. So in this article, we’re doing a rundown of what it actually means to make a homemade power system versus getting a professional to do the installation for you.

The DIY Method: Why It’s Not For Everyone

The biggest thing that attracts home handymen to go the DIY route is the expense. Everyone who has ever thought of going solar knows all the amazing benefits of solar-powered homes to the environment and our power bills. However, the caveat is, you might be shelling out a ton of money upfront, thanks to installation and equipment costs.

If you don’t have enough funds to spare and if you’re confident with your skills, then you should definitely check out how to install solar panels all by yourself. Here’s the process:

  1. Determine The Size And Layout Of Your Panels Depending On Your Energy Needs

Before buying solar panels in the market, you should first visit your roofing to check what kind of solar panels you would need, how many, and how you plan to hook it up to your system. Some panels weigh heavier than the rest, so you have to consider that when installing the panels all by yourself.

The good thing about this is that you can also decide which appliances you can run on solar and calculate your load from there. You must figure out the watt-hour equivalent to the power rating of the devices you are using to ensure that your panels can provide sufficient power for your stuff.

  1. Purchase Solar Equipment

If you want to build your own solar panel system for whatever reason, you should understand that having solar panels isn’t the only thing you need to purchase. Aside from the actual panels (which have different kinds, too), you should also pick a battery that will serve as storage for all the power your panels are going to suck up in a day. Then there’s also the charge controller, solar inverters, and cables that are all integral components of the solar panel system that you must pay for.

  1. Installation

Once you’ve bought all the necessary equipment, it’s time to do the work and climb up to your roof to install the whole thing. Fortunately, there are solar kits that you can buy that come with a manual to guide you through the process. Just be sure to practice ladder safety to the fullest when climbing up to your roof.

Now, why would you go through all the trouble if you can get your solar panels professionally installed? Aside from the cheaper price tag, another important reason is that you want an off-grid system for your home. Perhaps you own an RV, or you don’t want to get hooked up to a grid that takes a percentage of your solar power, then this is the way to go.

Making A Case For Professional Installation

Despite the difference in cost, what you get out of professional installation is the convenience and reliability of the connection. Forget all the steps listed above and just chill as you get a solar-powered home, thanks to professional providers. The only 2 considerations, if you choose this way, are preparing for the costs and finding a qualified local installer.

Professional installers also guarantee that the system is hooked up very well, making your hose safer from possible electricity and fire hazards.

While determining what kind of installation would suit your lifestyle and budget is important, the best part about this is that you’re actually serious about making the switch to solar energy in your home. Using solar power, or any renewable energy source, for that matter, is always the better choice for your family and the environment. Make the right choice now to become part of the growing community of eco-warriors advocating for a better, cleaner, and safer Earth.

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