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Wardrobe Arrangemnt

A fabulous wardrobe arrangement can make your life a lot easier, more spacious and customized for ease of access. On the other hand, a messy closet is not only depressing but does just what its title dictates; messes up your daily routine. Did you know that nothing adds up to your messy wardrobe more than the junk clothes and un-used personal stuff that you continue to hold on to? It therefore goes without saying that the very first step to a divine wardrobe is to de-clutter. As much as you wish to keep shopping as part of your routine, then letting go of old junk should be no exception. Ask yourself when was the last time you wore all those clothes that you keep in your closet and if the answer is hardly ever, not even with season, then it’s certainly time to let go.

Wardrobe Organization Ideas With Blue Wall

What are the benefits that come with de-cluttering your wardrobe? It takes you less time to get yourself ready or dressed up. Makes organizing your closet less intimidating. Gives your closet a neat and refreshing sight. Gives you the motivation to go shopping.

I would wish to believe all that junk is gone from your wardrobe, it’s now time to focus on the flexible and manipulative space you have managed to create and the wonders you can do with it. Here are a few tips you can incorporate, the base line is knowing where everything should go and making it a no exception to put them there.

Wardrobe Arrangments Ideas


All your outfits including dresses, shirts, blouses and all formal clothes should be well organized on hangers in a manner that makes them easier to locate. This can be according to season, occasion or regular wear sequence.

Hangers On A Rack

Drawers and Shelves

Drawers and shelve are quite essential in your wardrobe. This is where you keep all your folded clothes. The clothes to fold should be the ones that are less susceptible to wrinkling when folded so you won’t be subjected to constant ironing. In your drawers you can include t-shirts, knit wear, jeans, sweaters and corduroys while other stuff especially towels can be shelved using shelf dividers to separate them.

Shoe Box Wardrobe Arrangment Closet

Shoe Boxes and Rack

You can incorporate clear plastic shoe boxes where you can neatly organize your shoes and make them easily accessible when you need them. Alternatively, you can also incorporate a movable shoe rack next to your closet. This will keep your personal space in the closet for everything else but shoes while keeping them easily accessible too.

Walk In Closet


Hooks in the wardrobe creates additional space to store stuff like scarf, necklaces, belts etc. Incorporating a valet hook outside the closet comes in handy to hang your preferred outfit for tomorrow to help get yourself ready the following morning.

In addition while you will probably need to also house your handbags into the same wardrobe, stuff them with tissue materials to help keep their original shape and accord an organized, appealing sight to your wardrobe.

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