DIY Woodwork Projects For Your Garden


Having a beautiful garden outside of your home can help to bring your entire yard together. A garden will add a colorful, intricate, decorative flair that will keep people curious and enchanted by your yard. A garden can do a lot to dictate the essence that a garden gives off. It can change the way that people view your house.

For that reason, you must make decisions about what decorative and organizational pieces you want your garden to have. Some people like to orient themselves more towards the homemade look, but they are unsure where to start. This is a very easy task. Here are just a few simple do-it-yourself woodworking projects that you can do to pull your entire garden together.

Simple Seating Solutions For Your Guests

Elegant Wooden Outside Garden Benches

It is important for any space, whether it is indoor or outdoor, to have proper seating for any guests that may arrive. While it may seem complicated, it is incredibly simple to make elegant looking wooden benches for your garden outside.

All you need are four long pieces of wood that are the same length and eight shorter pieces of wood that span the length of the longer pieces when they are placed side by side. Stack up to two piles of four small pieces of wood and put them just slightly less than the length of the longer pieces of wood away from each other. Lay the longer pieces of wood side by side across the top of these two piles. Nail the longer pieces of wood into the shorter pieces.

Before you have a great bench for your garden, make sure you have the proper sanding equipment from a trustworthy source such as Without a sanding belt, people may fall victim to splinters from your new bench. After this, you have a tremendous new homemade piece for your garden.

A Home For Your Plants: The Garden Box

Garden Box

One of the most exciting parts of any garden and the main pieces that make up the garden are the various plants that live and grow there. You can accent the beauty of these plants with different DIY woodworking projects.

One such project that will help you accomplish this task is a garden box. A garden box can either be used as a flowerpot or can be used to put different flower pots inside, depending on the size and shape you want it to be. Supposing you want to make a small box – all you need are ten wide, but relatively thin, pieces of wood.

Pair off every piece of wood. Take these pairs of wood and hold them perpendicular to the next piece of wood. Nail them together at a right angle. With the fifth pair, lay it across the bottom—Hammer this side in at all the corners.

You now have a box in which you can store plants or other outdoor equipment. If you want to add a splash of color to your garden, you could also take the time to paint your garden box, thereby making your garden even more your own!

Add Decorative Flair With A Plant Wall

Decorative Flair with a Plant Wall

One of the easiest small woodworking projects for beginners that you could complete for any garden is a plant wall. While these are most often used to catch vines and present them in an ornamental way, you could also use them to hold lights or other decorative or useful items.

All you need are eight long, thin pieces of wood that are the same length. Depending on how long you want the wall to be, you can add more or less of these. Take four of them and set them an even distance apart from each other. Angle them slightly to the right. Then take the next four pieces. Angle these somewhat to the left and lay them on top of the four that are already angled.

This should create several tiny windows where lights, plants, or other things can be held. Make the wood secure at the overlaps. If there is extra wood hanging off the side, cut it away. It can then be used to create more, smaller windows at the bottom.

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