DIY Woodwork Projects You Can Do With Your Kids


DIY Woodworking Projects With Kids

If you love woodworking or doing any other craft with your hands, perhaps you would love to pass the same skills to your kids. This is something that you should take with a lot of pride, knowing that even when you are gone, your children will continue the excellent work that you have been doing. In any case, a family that works together stays together.

There are so many benefits of teaching your kids, even some small woodworking projects. One of them is that you will teach them how to be responsible. Since woodwork is something that requires meticulous care all the time, your children will learn how to be keen, pay concentration, and, best of all, how to enjoy something that they have built with their hands.

Woodwork can be an enjoyable activity like any other at keeping the children busy when school is closed. Kids usually have a lot of energy to expend, and therefore you want to channel it into proper use. Bring them into your basement workshop. Let them help with small tasks such as sweeping the floor. As they grow bigger, you can even teach them how to use power tools.

Diy Woodwork Projects That You Can Do With Kids

Picture Frames

This is one of the simplest projects out there, which you can get your kids to do. It is very simple to make a picture frame. What’s more, you can even use the picture frame for framing their favorite photos and hang them on the walls where they can show them to guests.

Every kid is proud of seeing his/her work put to good use, and this can be a great confidence builder. It is best to start with the smaller frames and then move on to other complicated ones in the future once they learn how to handle tools like miter saws and others. A simple 16 by 10-inch frame will do just fine.

Build A Birdhouse

This is an effortless project. It is as simple as building a small box covered on the bottom and then fixing a slanted roof on the top. You will also cut a small round hole on one side of the box so that it can serve as the door for the birds.

If the kids know how to use it properly, you can use a miter saw to cut the slanted sides for the roof. If not, just let them have one side of the birdhouse higher than the other hand so that their roof can have the plant run the water off. Remember also to add a small landing platform on the side that has the entrance hole.

Teach Them Some Patriotism

Is there a nobler woodwork project for kids than to have them build the national flag with all its colors, stars, and stripes? This will involve painting, but once the kids are done with the paint, they will be ever so proud of their work. The stars can be hard to paint, though, so you will need to buy star stickers so that you can stick them after the paint dries.

Making a wooden flag is not hard. You need pallet wood, a jigsaw, polyurethane finish, blue, white, and red paint, as well as the stars. Cut pieces of wood of equal length and cut to extra ones that will support the body of the flag. After that, it is a matter of nailing everything down and then painting the wood.

Build Boxes To Store Things

We all need boxes. No matter how many we have, we always need some more. Do not buy any if you can build them at home with the help of your kids. It is pretty easy to make them too. All that you need is glue, a jigsaw, wood, glue, and a few other things.

All that you need to do to make a box is cut wood for the sides; they can be equal if you want to build a square box, or you can cut two longer ones if you wish to build a rectangular box. You can then glue the four sides together such that you have a “box” with two open sides. Now, all that remains is to cut the bottom and fit it. You can measure the size of the bottom required and cut the pieces of wood for that.

If your wood is not too thick, you can use the jigsaw to cut them to size.

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