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Home renovations are always exciting; however, sometimes, the idea can bring hesitation. Thinking about costs, labor, or even design ideas can make for a stressful process. Fireplaces hold a lot of potential for redoing a room, and as a focal point piece, can also enhance the look of your home entirely. Many people overlook just how important a fireplace can be to a home’s design.

Paint Jobs

Fireplace Design

A great place to start with your creative fireplace design is the brick, wood, or stone surrounding it. No matter the material, upgrading your fireplace look can be as simple as touching up a paint job. This is a great way to undertake a relatively easy, affordable project that will create an entirely fresh design in any room. Poorly maintained colors or finishes on your fireplaces have the potential to date not only your fireplace but your home.

With popular trends like whitewash fireplaces or even gray washing, a quick layer of paint can completely modernize a piece that might otherwise seem out of style. These kinds of paint jobs take very few supplies and can be done as a quick weekend project. However, hundreds of fireplace paint colors exist that can help transform your brick or stone fireplaces. There’s no need to shell out hundreds, even thousands, of dollars to have the piece retired or pay professionals to paint. This can easily be a DIY project.

HGTV offers some stylish ideas for your fireplace to paint job inspiration. Having a picture in your head of the final product will make this project more relaxed, and you will realize that you really can do it yourself. A new coat of paint shouldn’t have to break the bank.

Fireplace Doors

Fireplace Doors

An often overlooked opportunity for upgrading a fireplace design is within the fireplace doors chosen to complete a look. Outdated or ill-fitting fireplace doors can make the wall look sloppy or thrown together. Understanding the fit and making custom doors your fireplace needs is essential to ensuring your fireplace looks clean and well-designed.

When it comes to shopping, you can either opt for the stock, store-bought doors or choose a custom fit pair that perfectly matches the dimensions. This will depend on the make, size, and shape of your fireplace. Masonry and prefab fireplaces require different doors, but stock masonry fireplace doors can usually fit commonly sized fireplaces. Prefab fireplace doors need a custom fit to ensure the right seal, which means measuring for custom doors. Regardless of what kind of fireplace you have, the secure fit and good design will make for an elevated style. With perfect coverage, clean edges, and shiny glass, new doors will change the way your fireplace looks. This is the list of the top 6 most efficient wood stoves available today, which work well without compromising its stylish look.

When it comes to making this a DIY fireplace project, installing your door yourself is a task anybody can handle. It is as easy as hanging a picture frame. A quick read of How to Install Fireplace Doors can help you understand just how easy it might be. This is one of the simpler fixes in fireplace makeovers that don’t require outside hiring help.

Mantel Decor

Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas

Once a fireplace has all of its coloring and hardware updated, adding some simple mantel decor will make your project feel designer. Whether seasonal or year-round, a few statement pieces and festive additions can make your fireplace a real centerpiece out of what’s already there.

A mantel will look inspired and eye-catching throughout the seasons by adding personal touches, like photos, wooden signs, or artwork. Modern farmhouse style mantels have been drawing lots of attention in the world of interior design.

Seasonal mantel decorations also help draw attention to your fireplace design during every time of year. With Christmas fairy lights and stockings or fall leaves and gourds, piecing together a festive spread to accompany your fireplace will be a fun way to upgrade the space without any significant renovations being necessary.

Mantel decor is a chance to let creativity shine and personalize a significant point of design in your home. With an opportunity to bring in color, texture, and your taste into your fireplace mantel design, a trip to the craft store, or a few minutes browsing Amazon is all that you need to finish up the look you’re desiring.

Fireplaces can be a great piece to incorporate home design with the right touches. Don’t let an outdated fireplace take away from your home’s authentic design.

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